Happy Birthday Jimbo!

We went to a surprise 60th birthday for Justin's dad (Jimbo/Papaw) Saturday night. We ate some really good barbecue and watched Gamecock football! It was fun...and we won, so that made it more fun!!


Here he is, surprised when we all walked in.

Our team spirited banana pudding that we took for dessert. I was trying to add some garnet to the pudding, but I didn't realize that the sprinkles were actually cinnamon flavored. Oops! :) It turned out pretty good though, at least no one said out loud that it was terrible!

And ladies and gentlemen...it looks like we have a Ladies man on our hands! LOL!!

All of the ladies wanted to hold the little guy and kept passing him around....he loved it!

Papaw teaching D to cheer for the Gamecocks.
C~A~R~O~L~I~N~A GoOoOo Cocks!!!

Happy Birthday Jimbo! Thank you so much for all you do for us. We hope you had a FANTASTIC day and we love you!!!

Guess who has their first ear infection....

Yep, it's D, and he's NOT happy about it! As terrible as this sounds, when we took him to the doctor Monday we were hoping Dr. Bonnett would find something wrong...at least this (hopefully) explains why he's cut his eating in half! After only 2 days on his antibiotic, he's been eating a little better, so hopefully we're on the road to recovery! You know what a stress the eating is! BUT....D weighs a whopping (LOL!) 12 lbs, 4 oz!! The baby food is all that saved us there, that's for sure!

We're going down to Charleston Friday to visit Lo, Jess, and John. Lo had surgery Monday and is doing well. She's almost 1 1/2, so it's been tough for Jess and John to watch her want to do things and her have to be sedated because she doesn't understand what's going on. We're also going to the heart walk, and to the MUSC Ped. Cardiology reunion Saturday. It will be fun to see some of D's nurses that we loved so much and to see our Palmetto Hearts friends.

If you don't hear from us before....we'll have lots of pics next week! We love you all!!!


  1. Who could resist that little ladies man! I'm a fan...you can pass him over to me!

    Hope D's ear infection is better and his eating has picked back up. Logan's appetite always suffered when he had one too. It just isn't fun trying to suck on the bottle with sore ears. Poor guy!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  2. Who could resist that little boy?..He's adorable! I hope his ear gets to feeling better. Thinking and praying you all! Take care and God bless!

    With love from the ♥,

  3. I most certainly can tell you that by the time I get to see him I will be all his!!! LOL Well Yuck to the ear infection!! I am gonna have to call you here soon been a while since we talked! I am loving the new blog!!! I love that we all did it together! We really are family!! LOL Give D hugs for us, Jessica and the J Triplets