Night at the Museum

We had a fun filled day in Charleston Saturday. We originally planned to go down Friday afternoon and visit John, Jess, and Lo, and go to the Heart Walk Saturday morning. We had a change of plans because Lo was discharged Friday!! She did amazingly well, and was sent home! Wonderful news! So we decided to go down Saturday and have a day in the beautiful city. We missed the Heart Walk because we couldn't drag our lazy selves out of the bed Saturday morning...it's so hard to get up when D's still sleeping! :) We were really going to go if we would have spent the night in Charleston...we would have had to leave our house around 6am Saturday, and it wasn't happening! We'll definitely be at the one here in Columbia!

Anyway, look who drove us down Saturday morning....

(But before anyone calls DSS, or the cops...we were sitting in the parking lot, getting ready to feed the man, LOL!)

We did some shopping at the outlets, which is always one of my main goals when we go to Charleston.

Notice how he has his feet propped. He just chills wherever...he doesn't care!

After shopping we went to the Children's Museum for the Cardiology reunion. We had a really good time playing in the museum, seeing some of our heart friends, meeting some we've talked to but never met in person, and meeting some totally new friends. It was really fun meeting the people who said, "There's D! We read about him!" It was so nice to meet you!!!

Here are D and Noah. We felt like we knew Noah and his family, but finally met them for the first time that night. Derrick loved him!

Noah asked his mom if they could give us $200 so he could take D home to be his little brother. LOL!! So funny!

D got held prisoner in the tower of the castle.

He and daddy had to take a break from exploring.

He became an artist...not really, he just wanted to put his feet in the paint. Maybe next year! :)

He sat on the king's throne, (Sorry...this is a bad picture, but I had to post it!)

and stared in a puppet show.

He went down the slide,

And took a duck ride.

D played with the dolphins,

and met 'The Pig.'

But the day wore this guy out, and he couldn't take any more fun! We didn't even realize he had fallen asleep! Poor man...but he was still holding the pig's hand.

We had lots of fun visiting, and are looking forward to seeing our Palmetto Hearts friends again in a few weeks at the pumpkin patch! :)

I know this is long...but here's one last thing I just have to post. Here's D sitting on the King's bed all by himself. We thought it was hilarious!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks like you guys had a great time!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  2. I'm not sure if I've ever posted before, but just in case I hadn't I thought I should. My name is Cassie Bradley and I found D's carepage through Jessica Twigg. I've been following your little peanut for a few months now. He's adorable and love all of your updates!
    Cassie Bradley

  3. Great to meet you guys down there...you got some precious pictures from Charleston. A blessing to see your little guy - such a lil miracle!!