Yep, it's flu season!

Poor Justin didn't get to eat today at work, so look what he brought home!

Yes, I fed him, but he had to have his breakfast from this morning (McDonalds) and TWO Butterfingers after dinner to make up for the busy day! LOL!! Poor guy!

Yesterday after church we went to The Stable Steakhouse for lunch. Mmmm...talk about good southern home cooking! The veggies are probably worse for you than the mac and cheese, but it was SO GOOD!
D and Nona...she likes to sneak him sweet tea!

Nona, the cool man D, and Sheaffer

Gong Gong and Derrick

We found out our dachshund, Andy, has HEARTWORMS! We give all of them heartworm meds, so I'm not sure how he got them. Poor guy. We just really hope he's ok! He's spending the night at the vet tonight so he can get his second treatment in the morning.

We hope his treatment is successful and he's back home soon. We miss you tonight Doodie!


  1. I will say some prayers for andie :( xoxoxoxo to all :)

  2. Poor puppy! I was told that if you give them all the medicine, that the medicine company will pay for treatment, worth looking into.

  3. Hope everyone feels better soon!!

    Love the pics of D. Such a cutie!!

    Always in our many thoughts and prayers,
    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks