Got Milk?

Who would think to check the ingredients on a jar of "ham, pineapple, and rice"?  Not me!

I was feeding D last night, and he was enjoying his ham, pineapple, and rice (mixed with pears, of course).  He ate so well, so I decided to check the calorie content on the jar when lo and behold I see


Uh oh!  Derrick isn't supposed to have milk!!  Oops!

I wonder if that explains why didn't sleep well at all.  Tummy troubles?  I've learned my lesson.  I've checked all of the "cobblers" and "casseroles" for milk.  But seriously.  Ham is ham, pineapple is pineapple, and I've never put milk in my rice.  Am I missing something?



  1. It is very surprising what things have milk ingredients in them. We found that out when we thought our daughter was allergic to milk.

  2. Been there done that! Everything has milk even things you would least expect to have it. I remember scouring labels when Logan was allergic. No fun trying to find things for them to eat. It pretty much has to be PLAIN things that aren't mixed together. Boring to eat but hey...what are you going to do!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  3. It was wonderful meeting you guys too and your precious little guy..I could just look at him for hours, he is so beautiful and he stole my heart smiling at me so. I know what you mean about milk. Zeb could not drink milk for about 10 mths or so. He had a protein milk allergy, everything has milk in it. It's a hectic thing to go through. Good luck...I am going to enjoy your blog and keeping up with lil man. I hope to see you again soon.
    Rhonda ~

  4. whoops!

    You guys are great haha

  5. I just love the new pictures of D. He is so adorable and looks like he had such a WONDERFUL time at the pumpkin patch. Looking forward to more updates.

    Alisha, Jay, Josh and Ryan

  6. Ok who would have thought???? I put Milk in my rice pudding?!!!! LOL Oh and I love the Pray for Derrick button....It matches our blog nicely I added it to our page!!! Love you guys!!!