Guess it was time for a scare!

We've noticed a change in Derrick's color over the past few days, so after I fed him last night, I decided to check his sats. To my horror, they were 62, and staying there. After watching the pulse ox for about ten minutes and it not going above about 70, I called D's cardiologist.

Apparently something was going on with their paging service because Dr. Shuler didn't call back right away. The lady on the phone said, "Honey, I can't give you medical advice, but if I were you, I would call 911." Ohhh....I didn't want to hear that!

Somehow I managed to dial 911 with incredibly shaky hands as D kicked and laughed. I almost felt crazy because he was acting so happy. Anyway, the ambulance came and we took our first (and I would love for it to be our last) ambulance ride. Justin was at work, so I was extra nervous. Thankfully, he called his mom who happened to be a few minutes away from our house. She came busting in the door right before we were getting ready to leave. Relief. I wasn't alone!

They strapped his car seat on the bench in the ambulance, and off we went. This probably seems odd, but yes, I took pictures. (The camera happened to be in the diaper bag.) Derrick was holding his own oxygen mask!

The paramedics were SO nice! The lady that rode in the back with us said that if I ever felt nervous or weird about anything that was going on with D, that I could always call, and they'd be there. She even gave me a hug. Good medical people can really make tough situations a little easier to deal with.

Justin was able to get someone to come in for him at work, so he made it to the hospital just a few minutes after we got there.

This daddy was SO glad to be with his little man. He couldn't stand that he wasn't with us.

Derrick thoroughly enjoyed himself while they were admitting him for the most part. (Except the IV and the catheter, of course!) He loved all of the attention from everyone here. They kept telling him how cute he was and making him laugh and smile.

After admitting us, D's sats were up between the low 70s and 80. They ran all kinds of tests, trying to find a reason they dropped so low. They came up with nothing. All of his tests and his EKG looked normal. Of course they wanted him to stay last night for monitoring and until cardiology could come check him out. He ended up being put on oxygen overnight to keep his sats in the 80s. We made sure they understood that he didn't need to be higher than 85, which is really strange to people who aren't used to working with "heart kids." His oxygen came off during the night because he was satting in the 90s.

This morning Dr. Shuler (D's cardiologist) came in to check on him. He was worried last night that with sats that low he may have a clot, but assured us that his sats wouldn't have come back up if he did. He said his shunt sounded great, lungs clear, and that he looked great. He said that sometimes when these kids are starting a virus, their sats will drop and a few hours later they will spike a fever. He was almost certain that this was what D was facing...a virus of some kind that would present itself later.

As they monitored his sats and intake (because we all know how he doesn't like to eat) we spent the day hanging out here playing. It was tough finding things to entertain D. I guess this was a glimpse at what it will be like when he goes for surgery.

The wires were the most fun to play with.

But the blood pressure cuff came in a close second.

The bear that child-life gave him was also very entertaining. D enjoyed blowing strawberries at him and talking to him. It was quite funny.

Derrick's sats have been in the 80s all day, but because he wasn't eating like they wanted him to, they told us we had to spend the night again. One of the doctors came in to talk to us and she said that some bacteria had just shown up in his urine culture and that he had a UTI. She said it was kind of strange that it took so long to present, and that he really didn't have any symptoms (no fever, etc), but that he definitely had a UTI and they would start him on antibiotics. Good thing we were staying anyway, right? :)

The doc said that this could explain his sats dropping because his body was trying to fight off infection. I'm just glad to have something to blame, because that was really scary. I'm also glad Dr. Shuler's prediction was correct, and I hope we have no other sickness in the near future. I hope this is it.

I want to thank everyone who has called to check on us all day and checked the blog and carepages and left me messages on facebook. (Sorry it took me so long to update. I didn't think about grabbing the computer when we left in such a hurry...I didn't even get a bottle. Bad mommy!) I love that so many people care about Derrick. It makes my heart smile.

Thanks so much, and I'll update again tomorrow.

We love you all,


  1. Glad Derrick is doing better. It can be very scary. Ill be thinking about yall!
    Love, Ashley
    (Matthew's big sister)
    cp: MatthewJoshua

  2. Oh no! Poor little guy! We have had similar scares when Andrew was D's age...only since I wasn't alone my mom and I rushed him to the ER in the car, my mom holding him! Shame on us, no car seat! But when you are that concerned you just can't take your eyes off them for one second!

    I would totally have taken pictures, too! lol! I am sure it seems weird to be taking pics, but all heart mommies do it! :) How else can our kids remember such monumental moments in their little lives?? I mean, how can you not document a first (and LAST!) ambulance ride!?

    Glad D seems to be doing better. We'll keep you guys in our prayers! I'm sure you're enjoying the hospital recliners tonight! NOT!

    Thinking of you,
    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  3. You guys had me so nervous last night!
    Glad to hear that things are going better, if there's anything that I can do to help CALL ME.

  4. I am glad to hear D is doing better and I hope you can get out of the hospital and him on the mend quickly. If you need anything, let me know.


  5. We are so sorry to hear that D has given you such a scare, but glad to know that you've found the problem. He is, of course, oomlpletely adorable through the entire ordeal and totally unstressed, though I'm sure mom and dad's stress was enough for everyone. Your family is always in our prayers and we will be especially praying for you to be home soon!

    Kati, Rocky, Evan, & Brycen Dunn

  6. Oh I wish I could say I did NOT know how you feel but I do. We've had SEVERAL scares with Ryan. She's been in the ER 3 times this year, and her cardiac cath was back in January. That doesn't even include her check ups every 3 months. I'm sorry to hear that D has a virus but at least thats all it is. Sending prayers that he is in tip top shape soon!!!


  7. So scary!! I am glad that its a UTI and I will pray its nothing else!!! Can't wait for D to get back home!

  8. Prayers for D and you all! Take care!

  9. I'm sure that was scary for everyone! Glad to hear that it is nothing serious...praying for a quick recovery.

    ~Stephanie and Braeden(HLHS)

  10. I wanted to cry and laugh all at the same time. Only a heart mom would whip out her camera during an ambulance ride! I think it is our strange way of trying to cope with how scared we are.

    I'm so glad that things got better for D and we are PRAYING that there will not be anymore ambulance rides in the future...although as much fun as D seemed to be having I am sure he'd love to try that again! It cracked me up how he just acted like what a great party he was invited to.

    Oh....and about trying to entertain him while in the hospital after surgery....we brought a very large bag of Logan's favorite toys (sanitized ahead of time)to the hospital along with all of his movies. If you have a portable DVD player that helps too or a laptop so that way you guys aren't stuck watching cartoons all day long. I know...no one likes their kids watching that much TV but when you are stuck with a small child 24/7 in a 6 x 6 room you will do anything to keep them happy. Otherwise you are in for some very LONG days.

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  11. I am so glad to see the pics of your lil guy.I completely understand the picture taking..I am guilty too..I do the same exact thing. We have been praying and waiting for updates..I am so glad he is doing better, and they found out the problem. Keep us posted. Give him a Big Hug and Kiss from us.. He is precious!! Such a Big Boy sitting up in that bed, they are stronger than us mommies think sometimes. Hope you will be home today..

    Rhonda & Family ~

  12. Glad to hear he's doing okay..we'll keep praying for you and you're not a "bad mommy" for forgetting a bottle..that was the least of your worries I'm sure.

  13. D-stop scarring your mom and dad already :-)

    I am SO glad to hear that things are better with D now! I love that you had your camera! Totally something I would do. He looks like - "What?? Something's wrong?" I love the innocent faces they make...

    I hope and pray that you are home soon and that D will not scare you like that again!!

    Tracey, Jeremy, Riley, Drew and Jordan Snyder
    cp: jordansheartpage

  14. Glad to hear that D is fine. What a scare for you, hopefully there won't be anymore. Prayers for you all...


    Cindy Gosnell