Roll On!!

I put D down for a nap earlier, and he usually either goes right to sleep, or plays around in his crib until he falls asleep.  I went downstairs to eat lunch and forgot to turn the monitor on in his room.  As I was walking back up the stairs I could hear him crying, which is very unlike him.  

I walked in and he was crying because he was ON HIS TUMMY!!  Finally.... :)

And now he thinks he doesn't have to go to sleep!  He doesn't look very sleepy, huh?  This just might be a VERY long day! 

P.S.  If you get this via email, click on the title and it will take you to the blog.  Then you can see pics of our cutie!  I'll probably never post without a picture...I just can't help myself! :)


  1. Oh, how exciting! I am so glad that he did that. I think he surprised himself too! When are you available next week? I think I can get Lo out and about now. Let me know, I would love to do lunch or something!
    Love, Jess and Lo

  2. GO D!!! YOU BIG BOY!! That is soo precious!! Before you know it he will be running around hard to keep up with..He is precious..Keep the pics coming..They make me smile!!!

    Rhonda ~

  3. YAY Derrick!!!! Keep rolling on little buddy!

    That is so funny Shannon! I've had that happen before where I get busy and forget to turn the monitor on. Then you feel bad because you hear them crying when you do turn it on. At least it was just because he was mad that he rolled over! LOL!!!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  4. Way to go D!!!!! Oh this is great news!!! I am sorry he cried but so awesome he rolled over and no he does not look sleepy at all!!!!!!! LOL Oh Shannon I am so glad he is doing so well he looks just great I can not wait to get down there and hold him! And give you a big hug!! Heart Hugs across the miles till then, Jessica