You're Not Gonna Believe This, but....

Derrick, you're SIX MONTHS OLD today! 

 You have changed so much lately, and are SO funny!  Here's what you've been up to this month:
  •  You've gotten really good at taking your medicine.  You open your mouth when you see the syringes.
  • You still love your baby food, as long as there is something sweet mixed in.
  • You really like your crib now.  You don't want to be rocked to sleep, you would rather be put down in your crib and watch your mobile to go to sleep.  That's good, I know, but I'm afraid you're growing up too fast!
  • When you wake up, you don't cry.  Usually we go in to check on you because it seems like it's been too long, and we find you lying awake, looking around.  You give the BIGGEST smile when you see us.  It melts my heart every time.

  •  You love to laugh.  You'll laugh just because now.  If we laugh, you laugh too.  You have a high pitched squeal that you do after your laugh too.  It's really funny because your voice doesn't reach that high and it comes out in a whisper.
  •  You love Dora and Sponge Bob.  You laugh and kick around while you watch them.  (It's really only while I'm in the shower that you watch tv...I don't want you turning into a couch potato.  I can hear you laughing while I'm in the shower though, so it makes me happy that you're happy while I'm busy.)
  • When someone smiles at you, you smile back (most of the time).
  • You sleep on your side.
  • Your favorite thing to do is be thrown up in the air by Daddy.  I refuse to do this because it terrifies me, but you think it's the best thing ever.

  • You finally rolled over...twice.  That's it, just twice.  That's ok though, because you rolled from back to front and got stuck and screamed.  It scared me to death, but I was so proud.  Daddy was very upset that he was at work and missed it.
  • You fake cough, a lot.  Especially when you think you're not getting enough attention.
  • You blow "strawberries."
  • You enjoy sitting and playing like a big boy.
  • You drool ALL THE TIME.

  • You're (finally) wearing 3-6 month clothes, well, shirts anyway.  The pants...not so much.  The waist is WAY too big.  I really wish they made 0-3 month long, because you're either wearing high waters or saggin'...neither of which I enjoy.  You're cute anyway though! :)
  • You rub your eyes when you're sleepy (but you still put your hands behind your head).  
  • You've been making this wrinkle-your-nose-and-snort face lately, and it's really funny.

We have more fun with you than we ever thought possible.  We love watching you learn and grow.  It seems like you're doing something new every day.  We love you more than you will ever know, and are so proud to be your mommy and daddy...we love you sweet cheeks!!!

Looking at the pictures to post here gave us a shocking reality, well, two really.  One, is that we were told D would have surgery between four and six months.  Now he's six months old.  Two, is how much his color has changed.  It's really obvious in the first picture.  I almost didn't want to post it, but this is how he looks right now, and that is that.  We knew his color had changed, but looking at him all day, then looking at a picture...you know how pictures can put things into perspective.  Just scary.

D is getting his flu shot Friday since he's officially legal now.  We're not doing the H1N1 shot.  We're just not comfortable with a brand new shot...we'll give it a year or so. We're praying he doesn't get sick, and the shots are no guarantee of that anyway.   

Saturday we have the Miss Halloween Fest pageant.  We're really excited about that.  We were graciously given the opportunity to speak at this pageant (which I am NOT looking forward to and TOTALLY SCARED TO DEATH about.  I don't do adults...I can talk and act like a dork in front of kids all day, but adults!?!  Ugh! )  I will (somehow) get through that, because I get to spread awareness about CHD, and we're getting BraveHEART Basket donations, and CHD research donations.   How INCREDIBLE is that!?!

Big Heart Hugs,


  1. That is incredible!! Just go out there and think of that little sweet cheeks and YOU CAN DO IT!!! I love your post..it brought me to tears..God is so Good!! Isn't it just Awesome to have a living breathing MIRACLE from his hands living in your home! Happy 6mths Derrick!! You are so PRECIOUS!!!

  2. Happy 6 Months Little D!!

    What a cute post Shannon! Still lovin' that face!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  3. Happy 6 months Mr. Derrick!! It's hard to believe you're already that old! Tell mommy she does a great job speaking and that she'll make all of us in the heart community and with Palmetto Hearts very proud!

    Lots of heart hugs,

    Sara & Family

  4. Wow Happy 6 month D!!! So proud of you funny thing I sat today and thought about my son Jonathin who turned 7 today and now reading your blog and thinking about D too and how I came to know you guys and been able to watch D get bigger. I remember that first comment from you guys before D was born and from there it all just grew and now I can not imagine my life without you all!! You will do great talking!!! I just know you will. And D looks a bit bluer but that is what happens and it is OK. Remember always follow your Heart Mommy gut it will never lead you wrong! Good for you and not getting the pig flu shot! Call me soon and my prayers and love are with you Heart Hugs, Jessica

  5. I know the color change can be scary, but he's still adorable!! HAPPY 6 MONTHS!!! I have the same problem with Ryan's clothes. 2T fits her waist, but most are too short on her. She's not very tall, just has long legs. Oh well, lol. Hope the vaccine goes well tomorrow and doesn't hurt to bad.