Stuffed Turkeys!

We had so much fun this Thanksgiving!  We spent time with family and ate WAY too much...twice!! Well, Derrick and I ate twice.  Justin had to work so we missed him the first go round.

First, we went to Gong Gong's house. 

Derrick and Colin hung out a lot.  They had a GREAT time together!

The boys played ball,

and we tried to get a picture of the great-grandchildren. 
 After much ado, this is the picture that best shows everyone's face at once.

We had after dinner snacks.  Some got "real" food,

while some got leaves. 
We were so glad to have Evan at Thanksgiving this year.  He has been stationed away from home every Thanksgiving for the past six (or seven?) years.  We missed him, but are so grateful for him and all of the other service men and women who miss holidays with their families to protect us!!

D enjoyed some football with Teresa,

and we took our annual walk.
I am a terrible mother and did not bring my child a coat.  He had to wear Gong Gong's shirt on his head to keep warm! :)  I'm still having trouble realizing that just because I'm not cold doesn't mean Derrick isn't.  I guess I'll figure that out one day.  Until then, thankfully, someone always saves me.
After the walk we said our good-bye's.

We headed home to get Justin, and went to Danielle's to eat again!

Derrick has been practicing drinking from a sippy cup, and now he thinks he's a pro.
He's got tricks!!

We stuffed our bellies,

and Carter was close by to show D how to put down the red velvet cake for dessert.

 We looked through the adds to make our wish lists,

and just hung out together.


The little boys 'wrestled,'

and so did the big boys!
We have SO MUCH to be thankful for, so "YAY" for a great Thanksgiving with good times, good family, and good food!

This little stuffed turkey had a fun first Thanksgiving.
We hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving too!!


  1. Wow you guys really had a packed Thursday!!!! LOL I am so glad that you all had a great time! I am thankful for you guys. And very thankful that you always share such great pics of D!!!! Heart Hugs, Love, and Blessings, Jessica

  2. Ok...this is the third time I've tried leaving a comment....craziness!!

    Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving!
    I am so thankful that we met and have been able to connect through our boys! Heart Mommy friends are a wonderful blessing!

    Sending prayers your way for D's appointment on Tuesday!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  3. Looks like you guys really had a great time!!

    I'm really diggin the sippy cup stunt hahah!

  4. The pictures are great!! I had a great time with everybody! I feel so blessed that everyone was able to be together and have such a great time! Proctor

  5. love the pics of everyone together. I'm glad D enjoyed his first Thanksgiving!! Good luck at D's appt on Tuesday!!

  6. haha, i love him "free handing" the cup! cutie pie! glad you had a great thanksgiving!