Boy How Time Flies!

Derrick, you are EIGHT months old today! Wow! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. It seems like you were just a tiny little baby only a few weeks ago, but at the same time, I can't remember much about life before you. You've grown up so much lately...

  • You cut your FIRST tooth Thursday!  You won't really let us see it, but we sure can feel it!
  • You got your first haircut this month.
  • You wear a size 2 diaper, and mostly 3-6 month clothes, but you can wear some 6-9s.  
  • You're almost up to fourteen pounds now.  
  • You look like such a little boy.   Where did our little baby go?

  • You're "talking" A LOT.  Your new "word" sounds like "get 'em, get 'em."  We think you may be trying to say that because that's what we say when we tickle you.  It's just a guess!
  • You love real food!  We cannot eat without sharing with you, and you don't care at all what it is.  You'll even eat dill pickles! You'll grab the plate or our hand and pull it to your mouth to get a bite, especially if we're going too slow for you.  Sometimes you don't believe that we're feeding you what we're eating unless you actually see it come off of the plate.  We can't fool you!  

  • You ate pudding for the first time tonight.  A whole Snack-Pack...I'd say you like chocolate pudding!  (And at 120 calories per pack, you'll get more!)

  • You LOVE music and LOVE to dance!  
  • You like to watch daddy play Guitar Hero.  You clap and dance while he's playing.  You're his biggest fan (well, second biggest :) ).
  • You reach when you want to be picked up or when you want someone different to hold you.
  • You're almost crawling now...almost in the crawling position anyway.  Those feet get you every time.
  • You love to read. :)

  • You've just gotten over your third ear infection.
  • You wave and say "bye bye."  You don't do it at the right time or when we ask you to, but you understand that waving and "bye bye" go together.  Does that count as your first word?
  • You have an early interventionist and and physical therapist that come to play with you now.  They're helping you work on ways to get you good and strong so your next surgery doesn't set you back too much. 

  •   You enjoy watching people, but don't want to be held by anyone you don't know well.  The stranger anxiety has kicked in full force.
  • You don't like to be left alone or where you can't see one of us at all times.
  • You love your sippy cup, and you're learning to drink out of it by yourself.  It's a process.

  • You have to sleep with your nite-lite.  You do NOT like being in the dark when you go to sleep.
  • You get into EVERYTHING.  If it's even remotely within your reach, you try to get it.  Often times, you are very successful.
  • You've been going up to the children's sermon at church.
  • Your favorite toys are pens, the remote, and our cell phones.
  • You have a "big boy" smile now!

    It's amazing how quickly time has gone by since you've been here.  You're wildly entertaining and keep us laughing all of the time.  You're more fun than we ever imagined possible.

    We love you to the moon and back, sweet cheeks!!


    1. Happy eight-month birthday, Derrick! You are such a CUTIE!!! Thanks for such a great update and we wish your family a merry, merry Christmas!

      love, Jesse

    2. How very CUTE!! WOW Shannon just looking at his new pics compared to the button we made for your blog...he has REALLY changed. They grow up so fast!!

      I chuckled reading through your list of all the things that D is doing now. So much fun at that age!!

      Sending lots of prayers your way this week!

      Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

    3. Happy 8 month birthday Derrick! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only mommy who is constantly cleaning up after their mini-destructo. Emma just turned 9 months a little over a week ago, and she just started crawling. It's so fun to see how much her and D are alike....well, except for their sizes. Emma's in a size 4 diaper and 24.2lbs! Keep eating those snack-packs D!
      The Bradleys

    4. Aww...I love that book - so sweet! Zach couldn't get over how cute Derrick was...especially with his hair sticking up! :) Love the pics!