The Big Day Recap

We cannot thank you all enough for the fervent prayers today. We felt them, but more importantly God heard them, and he answered. We knew he would, but it's hard sometimes to let go of those human fears and relinquish all control...especially when it comes to your baby. It is for me anyway. As most other parents, I do everything in my power to keep my child safe, and would give anything to take away the pain he has to suffer. It's hard to trust a stranger to take that kind of care of Derrick, but God sent some extra special people here who do just that, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Dr. Hsia came to speak to us after getting Derrick settled in the PCICU. He was very pleased with how the surgery went. He said that he was glad they had decided to go ahead and widen the ASD because the wall was thick and there was no way it would have widened on it's own. If he wouldn't have done it today, Derrick surely would have needed another surgery before the Fontan.

Dr. Hsia widened D's pulmonary artery branch (near where the shunt was attached) using a "generous" bovine patch, so the stenosis there is gone and he shouldn't have any pressure problems in it. The Glenn procedure was done and went well. While they were still in the OR D's pressures were fluctuating a little, but still within a range that he was comfortable with.

He said that when it comes to Derrick's Fontan, it will be a little more complicated than the standard Fontan because of the "randomness" of his heart. He said that it was nothing that couldn't be done, but that it would be a little trickier. Of course this wasn't comforting to hear, but he assured us that it wasn't something that hadn't been done before. He said that Derrick didn't have the standard Glenn today either. Glad I didn't know that ahead of time! :)

When we went back to see our little man, he looked pretty good. He wasn't too swollen; still recognizable.  He was trying to wake up and really moved around when he heard us come in. They had to restrain his arms and give him more meds to keep him calm.  Does it surprise anyone that he was trying to move around right away? :)  Not me!

Our Little Hero


Nona, Poppie, Mamaw, and Papaw went back to visit and another surgery case came in, so Justin and I went back to the Ronnie and took a quick (and VERY much needed) nap.  We went back to see D and he was doing great.  They had already done two CPAP trials to see if he was going to tolerate coming off of the ventilator and he had done great.  All of his blood gasses had been good, and we were told to expect extubation tonight! 

At about 11pm, the little guy was extubated and he has been doing great since then.  He seems so much more comfortable without that tube down his throat, and has been resting more comfortably. 

It's been more difficult this time watching him after surgery.  He is agitated and gets upset when he hears our voices.  He knows he's not at home, and knows he wants to be held.  It makes me so sad to hear him whimper with that hoarse little voice and not be able to scoop him up and comfort him.

I have more to say, but seriously I hope everything I've written so far has at least made a little since because I'm exhausted.  We'll update more tomorrow. 

Thanks again for all of your messages and prayers.  Please continue to pray for D.  He has a LONG way to go!  Thanks to the best prayer warriors ever!!


  1. Shannon, Thank you for the update. I have been anxiously waiting to read it. :) I'm so glad Derrick is doing so well! You two must be exhausted. I pray that all three of you sleep well. God's goodness is awesome! He is such a brave little guy...and SO cute! We love each of you and will continue praying!
    Greg, Becky, Collin & Caleb
    Isaiah 58:9

  2. Shannon and Justin,
    I am so glad to hear D is doing well and could be extubated last night. I am sure he is resting better now and hope that will help him. I'm glad he is doing well and hope he continues along that path. God speed to his healing and I hope you can all get some much needed rest. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you begin this journey of healing.


  3. Hey guys,
    What wonderful news to wake up to this morning,and to already be off of the ventilator,WOW!He really looks wonderful in his pictures post-op.Hope you guys get some much needed rest,and time with derrick.Know that you are still being prayed for.
    Willis Craft

  4. I'm so glad Derrick is doing well. I had been praying for him all day yesterday and first thing this morning. This was good news to read first thing this morning. I hope you two got some rest last night.

  5. Thanks Be to GOD!
    D looks so good tubes and all! How awesome to know that he has already been extubated. You Go D! I remember that hoarse little voice! And yes...it is very difficult to not be able to hold him! I Know! We are still continuing our prayers until D recovers fully and I know in my heart the Lord hears us all!
    With Love,
    Amy Craft

  6. He is the sweetest! You and Justin are amazing parents. Your positivity and love have guided him so well. I hope the healing begins so he can start dancing again very soon. We miss you! Hope to see you next week. Give Derrick a hug for me. Love to you all!

  7. We are so glad to hear that little D is doing well. And, despite what he just went through, he looks really good in the pics. Seems like his color is good. Thanks for keeping us updated and I hope you are able to get some rest. Remember, if you are tired and agitated, Derrick will be too!! :) Give him big heart hugs from all of us!!! Sending prayers.

  8. Thanks for posting the update, I was so glad to read it and hear about Derrick. I am so glad he is doing so well,you guys hang in there and try to get some rest. He really looks really good in the pictures. I hope he heals quickly and with God's help, he will. Carol Hinze

  9. It just breaks your heart seeing them like that right after surgery with all of that stuff hooked up to them. I sure am glad that he was able to be extubated and has been doing well.

    More prayers coming your way for a smooth recovery for D.

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  10. Thank you for all the updates, and glad that he is doing well and praying for a easy recovery!


  11. Thank you so much for keeping us all so well updated. I can't imagine what it's like for you to see your precious D all hooked up after surgery. I am however, amazed with how great he looks. Hardly swollen at all! So glad the extubation went smoothly, I'd be agitated with a tube down my throat too! We're still praying for D's smooth recovery.
    The Bradleys

  12. Sweet baby D... I remember how hard it is to see them after surgery... Sydnie did the same thing!She wanted to be held afterwards but needed to stay intubated longer after her glenn. It is hard to see them that way!
    I hope you guys can sneak in a nap sometime... it's crazy how exhausted you get isn't?! I remember wanting soooo bad to crawl in the newly made beds that were parked in the hall ways... and I'm so not ashamed to say, I would have laid on the floor and slept if they would have let me!! Lol!
    Thinking of you guys and praying often! Keep up the great work D! We're cheering for you here in Mi.

  13. Oh, that sweet baby boy! We are so very proud of him and the strength he displays!

    Still praying!

    Love to y'all~ Rebecca

  14. Praying.....It is so hard to see those pics, but Praising God that he is doing good. I know we all will see that precious smile and scrunched up nose really soon...He is such a fighter.
    Love and Hugs!


  15. He looks so good. I hope he had a good, restful day and you did too. Praying that he makes the next step to the floor soon.
    Heart Hugs,
    Gale (Ivan Taylor's Grandma, HLHS)

  16. Thanks for the updates! Derrick does not cease to amaze me. He is such a fighter. I guess he gets that from both of you. D couldn't have been born to a better set of parents. I'm glad he is doing so great and I will continue to pray for you all.


  17. Glad to see he is doing well and good news on the extubation! Hope he continues to do well and make progress. I know you will be glad when you can hold him and love on him. Your whole family is in my prayers!