In God's Hands...

We handed Derrick over this morning at about 6:30.  He's out of our hands now, but completely in Gods...  We'll update as we get news.

We can't thank you enough for the messages and prayers.  We read them all shortly after Derrick went back, and we could truly feel the love and prayers.  You have no idea how much your support and love for D means to us!  Thank you, thank you!!


  1. Shannon
    I woke early with you on my heart this morning....praying for your little guy as you handed him over. There is just NOTHING like that experience as a parent. Praying you through these endless hours ahead as you wait. May PEACE reign in your hearts and may the arms of our Father embrace and comfort until you again have your little guy wrapped in yours!

  2. Shannon,
    We are praying for Derrick and have been thinking of him so much. Angels surround him and are watching over him. We love all of you.
    Debbie, Bruce, Kevin, Holly

  3. Shannon,
    I am sending up lots of prayers for D this morning. I know that feeling when you hand over your child for surgery. He'll be in great hands! {{{hug}}}

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  4. Shannon and Justin- I said a prayer at 6 this morning as I knew that was about the time for you to begin the process. I know that God's hand will guide the doctro and protect Derrick. God Bless all of you.

  5. It is an undescribable experience handing your child over for serious surgery. But God is with him and you through it all. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way!

  6. Shannon and Justin-
    We have never met your family but Derrick is absolutely adorable. Such a handsome little guy. I am trying to figure out the whole blogging thing to set one up for our Kylie with multiple heart specialties. I have followed your story and your last blog entry has helped me understand my own daughters condition better. Your descriptions and drawings were amazing. Many, many prayers are coming your way keeping Derrick, the medical staff, and your family in our thoughts throughout this difficult time. I can recall how all of the messages helped us pass the waiting time.
    With Love from Kansas
    Tony, Amy, Chelea, Jordyn, Kylie and Lucy our 12 year old exchange student

  7. Shannon and Justin,
    I am praying for Derrick and the Dr. Hsia. You are in my thoughts.

  8. Praying for you guys.
    Josh,Laura,and Ruth

  9. You all are in our prayers today. I just know D is going to come through with flying colors.
    Rhonda, Billy, Jonathan, and Brett

  10. Praying for Derrick this morning and many more morning's to come. May God be with all the carido surgical staff giving them the extra sharp eyes to work with today. Keep their minds focused on Derrick's care the whole time.

    God bless ya

  11. I was awake praying about that time for him. God is going to take care of him. Praying for Derrick his doctors, nurses and for you guys.

    Waiting with you in spirit...

  12. Many, many prayers going out for D and you all! We'll be praying often!
    Hugs and prayers,