There's No Place Like...


Derrick was discharged today!  We made it home around 6:00 and it felt AMAZING to walk through the door!


Derrick was just as happy to be here as we were.  You just wouldn't expect that a nine month old would care that much about being at home, but he sure does!

This is going to be a quick update, but I'll update more tomorrow.  I wanted to share a few pics and ask for a few prayers....

Please pray for Derrick to start eating.  He has done a terrible job eating and drinking anything at all over the last few days, and it is imperative that he gets enough calories to maintain his weight and so his body can heal from surgery.

The next request is for my friend Laura and her precious little Ruthie.  I asked a few nights ago that you keep Ruthie and her family in your prayers.  Ruthie was scheduled to have her Bidirectional Glenn surgery tomorrow (the surgery D just had), but instead she is having a lung biopsy.  Ruthie's pressures in her pulmonary arteries are too high to do the Glenn.  Unfortunately, Ruthie needs the surgery now, but her body is not ready for it.  The doctors have given Ruthie's parents two options:  a heart transplant or compassionate care.  Compassionate care just isn't an option.

In order for Ruthie to be able to be put on the transplant list, she has to go through a lot of testing to determine if she is even a candidate for a new heart.  One of those tests is tomorrow, her lung biopsy.  I cannot imagine the overwhelming emotions Laura and Josh and their families are going through right now.  When I read Laura's post the other day all I could do was cry.  I've been thinking about them nonstop, and praying that somehow Ruthie's pressures can come down to a safe level so she can have the Glenn.  Please, please join me in prayer for her.  Ruthie has proven to the world that she is a fighter, now she needs another fighting chance.  Please lift her and her family in prayer.  You can go by her page and check out that adorable little girl and leave her family a message.  I know they would appreciate it. 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11


Here are a few quick pics from today before we left the hospital...

D is doing his best to eat a heart healthy diet.  He's learning to read nutrition labels to make good choices, especially now since he has to follow a fat free diet.   He's still learning.

While we were packing, D was practicing his pull-ups.  Yes, he is breaking the rules, but he refuses to let another little open-heart surgery hold him back...his words, not mine.

As you see, his efforts paid off.  This was mere seconds before he decided that he had perfect balance on his knees and decided to let go of the rail.  Of course he fell right into the metal crib rail and got a nice bruise on his forehead.  He went in for heart surgery and left with a bum forehead.  We were kinda nervous that they weren't going to let us take him home after that one! :)

Derrick had the best nurses ever taking care of him over the past eight days.  They were so sweet and helpful, and we couldn't have asked for better.  Good nurses make hospital stays more bearable.  If any of you are reading this, thank you SO MUCH for taking such great care of our little man! 
This is Natalia.  She took care of D several nights and today.  We loved her and all of the other girls so much!  I wish I would have taken his pic with more of them.

Now I'm going to enjoy sitting on the couch...my couch, just sitting.

Home sweet home! :)


  1. Congrats on overcoming this ordeal and being back home with your sweet boy!!!!!

    I will be adding Ruthie to my prayers that is so sad.


  2. We are so happy that you guys are home!!! We will definitely be praying that Derrick's eating picks up and I'm confident that it will now that he's home. Jessany was the worst of all four about eating. Now that girl eats everything!! (She will kill me for this :)

    We will be adding Ruthie to our prayer list. The boys had to see her website so they could know what she looked like when they prayed. They are always asking for new pictures of Derrick and mercifully, his wonderful mom never disappoints us! We'll be praying for all of Ruthie's family...and for yours. We are soooo glad you're home!!

    Take care,
    Kati, Rocky, Evan and Brycen Dunn

  3. Home sweet home is right!!! I'm so happy for you all to be home again! Doesn't it feel great to be back!!!! Prayers for continued excellent recovery for D and many prayers as well for Ruthie! Many hugs and well wishes!

  4. Glad to hear you made it home safely and I am sure Derrick IS just as glad as you both are to be home. I pray that he does start eating more and I will add Ruthie to my prayers as well. I will continue to pray for his healing. Take care and enjoy home.


  5. I'm SO happy you guys are home :D Get some rest, and take care.


  6. Hooray for HOME!!!! I am so glad to hear the news!!

    Saying lots of prayers that your time at home will be permanent and that D will pick up on his eating. Logan ate better once we got home so I am sure D will too.

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  7. I am so happy that you all got to come home. :) I found a solution for getting the back teeth in. YEAH! Give motrin and let him have a pretzel rod it has something to do with the salt. In a couple of days they will be come through. :)

  8. Hi Shannon. I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm glad we found each other :) It's nice to talk to other families dealing with CHD. Once again, I'm VERY glad you're home and that Derrick's doing so well.


  9. Oh Happy Day!!!
    We are thanking Jesus for all of his answered prayers today! D looks so cute in his little green outfit! Boy are you going to have your hands full over the next few weeks trying to keep the "Party Animal" calm. Isn't it great though that he has the energy to be so active! I will be praying for his eating habits and that they will continue to increase now that he is back in his own environment. We have added Miss Ruthie to our prayer list and will continue to follow her blog. God has plans for us and sometimes they can be very difficult to follow. Take care, were glad your home, and don't you dare update this blog until you've taken a well deserved winter's nap!!! As long as your home, and D is safe, that's all we need to know for now. We love you guys!
    Love In Christ...
    Willis,Amy,Karlyn and Parker Craft

  10. So glad your family is back home!
    Derrick has been in my prayers! I found your blog through 'When Life Hands You a Broken Heart'!
    I will continue to pray that he starts eating & drinking - and fro Ruthie!