We Want You!!

We need your help...

It's been heavy on our hearts lately to do something special for CHD Awareness Week. We thought and thought, and while we were at MUSC for D's cath a few weeks ago, we gave Dr. Graham the money raised at the pageant.  It felt SO good (and it was money donated by people who didn't even know us!), and it was then that we decided what we have to do. We HAVE to raise money for CHD research. While we know that anything we raise will not even be a fraction of what is needed, we have to do our part.  And we need YOUR help!

Here's the deal:
Who:  You and everyone you wouldn't mind eating breakfast with you
What:  Pancakes covered with butter and syrup (by you, of course...yeah, heart healthy! ;) sausage, fruit and beverage
When: Saturday, February 6, from 7:30 until 10:30
Where:  Fatz Cafe in Irmo (on Broad River Road)
Why: To raise money for MUSC's CHD research
How Much: $7 for you...kids 4 and under eat FREE!!

Justin and I went and talked to the owner of Fatz Saturday and we're pumped about it.  Now...I'm a little nervous, because guess what?!?!  We need people to come!!!  And guess what else!  Two weeks before this shindig, Derrick is having surgery and we won't even be here to sell tickets!  Bad timing?  Maybe...maybe not.  We have faith that we'll get help, because this is not for us, it's for

Derrick, Loreli, Parker, Logan, Andrew, Christian, Ruthie, Evie, Zeb, Elijah, Jordan, Olivia, Braeden, Kaden, Noah, Ryan, Lauren, Steve, Chloe, Lindsey, Owen, Adam, Brielle, Taggert, Garrett, Porter, Sofi, Tommy, Brittney, Cassiana, Angel Annabelle, Angel Ethin, Angel Jack, Angel Tru, Angel Amelia, Angel Andrew, and THOUSANDS of others.


if you want to be waited on hand and foot while enjoying yummy, sticky sweet pancakes,
if you want to see how many people you can pack into one restaurant that
YOU invited there (and sold tickets to :) ),
if you want to help serve this yummy breakfast to these excited people and
if you want to help BraveHEARTS like this one...

email me (carolinacarters@gmail.com), leave a comment with your email so I can get in touch with you, call me, get in touch with me somehow!

It's a win-win situation.
You get breakfast, we get HOPE!


  1. Shannon,
    You're enthusiasm is so contagious! Thank you for reminding me that I must not sit on my duff. I must get up and DO something for this cause that is a part of our lives!
    I hope to be able to come --- have to check w/ hubby on his schedule.
    Praying for you as you prepare for D's surgery.
    Heart Hugs,

  2. Shannon,
    I was looking up some stuff about CHD Awareness Week and found a place to register your event at http://tchin.org/aware/part10.htm

  3. That is very nice I would go but I live in Ohio so sad :( But I justed watched you little man dance that was so cute it made me laugh! :)

  4. I soooo wish we could be there! I love that idea! We too would like to do something to raise awareness, I'll have to keep this idea in mind. I love it!

    Praying for you for D's surgery!

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  5. That is awesome!! I am going to repost it to my blog too, even though we live a couple hours away I think!! But people tavel alot so I am reposting this.. That is so great that the Fatz offered to do this. Loving LIl D pics and praying for you guys!!
    :) Rhonda