It is unbelievable how much difference a week makes.

Monday, January 18

Monday, January 25

Woo Hoo!

That yucky old chest tube was yanked today! Now all D has left are his leads and pulse ox, which both just stick on him, not in him. He is a much happier little man!

The enalapril he started yesterday obviously helped, because he went down to only draining 14mL the next 24 hours, which the doctors felt very comfortable with. We're hoping that with the chest tube gone D will start eating better.

We had to switch back to the Portagen today because Derrick has thrown-up a couple of times. We're thinking it was from the protein powder we were adding to his skim milk. I don't want to gross you out, but that was THE WEIRDEST throw-up either of us have ever seen! It looked like laughy taffy or soggy bread (told you it was strange). Large chunks, pink (from his Boost juice) and just really weird. He didn't seem bothered by it, although he was flapping around like a crazy kid afterward, so obviously he felt better. We decided we would give him a break from the protein poweder to see if it happened again. So far today we're good. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

So...it's a POSSIBILITY we could bust out of here tomorrow!  I'm not sure what they'll say about his eating because that's been an issue, as always.  I hope that doesn't keep us here because he'll probably eat better at home.  As long as his eating is satisfactory and his chest xray still looks good, we should get the "all clear."  Yes!

This morning Derrick enjoyed playing with all of his toys while we awaited the chest tube decision. 

He was sure to profess his love to everyone who came in his room by giving them the "stinky face." 

His nurse took him down the hall to have his chest tube removed, and she gave him her badge to play with.  She said he held on to it the whole time.  He cried when we made him give it back.  (His lips are super pink because of the medicine he refuses to take.  Surgery didn't make him that pink!)

D was finally able to get dressed after the tube was removed! 

We're pretty sure he feels MUCH better!

After a clear chest x-ray, we went outside for a walk (totally wireless!!).  Derrick refused to sit back in the stroller on the way outside, so this is the only way we could keep him down.  Such a crazy kid!

He enjoyed his walk outside, and didn't move.  He sat completely still in the stroller and just took it all in.  I guess he's just as tired of being stuck in this room as we are.

We grabbed Starbucks while we were out, and D was so disappointed that Caramel Frappoccinos are NOT fat free (so am I)!  He usually gets to have some of the whipped cream off the top, so he was a little sad.  I promised D that I would take him to Starbucks when he's allowed to have fat again.  It's a win-win situation for both of us! :)

It's been so much easier to cuddle with this sweet guy this afternoon, and he is SO much happier!

Hopefully the next update will be an "Adios Charleston!"  We love this city, but boy are we excited about going home. 

Thank you for all of your prayers!


  1. What a precious little guy you have. Love those gorgeous eyes! So happy the post-op course has been good and hoping that you'll be home soon.

    Thanks for following our blog, I'd love to add you guys to my blogroll :)

  2. Glad to hear he's wireless. I always felt much better once that stuff was removed. I hope you'll be going home tomorrow. He's a cutie ;) Take care.


  3. The pictures are so cute of Derrick! So glad to hear he is now wireless and I am sure you are both relieved. I hope you'll get to go home tomorrow and get that little fellow back into his home environment so he will eat better and be well on the mend. Continuing the prayers. Take care.


  4. Hooray, Hooray! Hope you get to come home today! Call me when you get home! SO glad that he is happier, I think I would be too!
    Heart Hugs, Jess, John and Lo

  5. Glad D was able to get rid of that final chest tube. Hopefully the chest x-ray will look clear and you guys will be scooting out of there.

    Love the pictures of D. Man he just cracks me up!!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  6. Hope you guys get the ok to come home soon! I look forward to seeing my little friend...I've been praying for you all! Let me know when it's ok to visit?
    Carla Mathis

  7. I can't get over what a little heart throb he is! So adorable! Wow, he has come a long way in one short (long for you) week. Glad to hear he is off the leash. I know y'all will be heading home soon!

    Michelle Hagerott

  8. He's so cute! Looks like he wants to go home also. So I will continue to pray for him and hopefully you guys will go home today. :)

  9. You definitely have a cute little guy! He has the best smile. I'm glad you were able to go outside and enjoy more then just MUSC. Who knows maybe starbucks will make a fat-free frappacino soon? Here's hoping. I hope to see you guys soon.

  10. What a tough cookie! He looks AWESOME!

  11. It's so nice to see Derrick looking so great!! I'm glad he's been able to get out and get some fresh air too!! Hopefully you will get to "bust out" really soon!!

    Sending BIG heart hugs!!

  12. I am so happy to read about Derrick going WIRELESS. Oh, how good it feels to see things coming OFF your child and getting them back to just them. Your picture of the stroller cracked me up because that is how we had to give Luke his meds in the hospital! We called it "Meds on the Move" and we would race him down the hallways, stopping really fast to slip in some meds, then zooming off again. It worked like a charm!

    Keep it up, Mr. D!!


  13. I can't imagine what you and Justin have been going throught this week! And especially that cutey Derrick~ He looks so much happier today. Hope y'all get to go home soon!

    Sue Shelton & family

    p.s. Love the animal print!

  14. Way To Go D!
    Oh we hope that you will be able to come home today! D looks great! We are all so excited that everything went well for him and that he is healing by the day. Our prayers are always with you and I am praying for the big "Bust Out". Now that his chest tube is gone it won't be long before you make the long journey to the Rutledge Tower Pharmacy for his take home meds! Man that's a long walk! Or you may just take full advantage of your inside connection when you get home and not make the big walk!!! So glad that everything went as planned and looking forward to the update of D's return home! Hang in there...and have a safe trip back.
    Willis,Amy,Karlyn & Parker Craft