Biggy, Biggy, Biggy

Quick reminder...tomorrow (Saturday) is the big day....
Come eat breakfast at Fatz!!
You don't have to have a ticket, just come on.  Everyone is invited.  We'd love to have a HUGE crowd!  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here.  Derrick will be there around 10 with fat free pancakes and egg beaters in hand.  Wish us luck!!

We're still trying to break the bad habits Derrick developed while he was in the hospital, and boy has it been tough!  The worst is that he has decided that he no longer enjoys napping.  A full day with a little guy who thinks he's too big to nap can get a little rough!  D has also learned how to scream.  {Insert tears here.}  I remember Justin and I having the conversation about how loudly some kids cry, and how Derrick didn't scream when he cried like that.  Hello!  I don't know why I haven't learned not to say some things out loud!  Derrick figured it out, and he can belt out with the best of them.  And he can turn it off as quickly as he turns it on.    We're hoping he'll kick that one too, but it's not looking so good.  

We went see Dr. Bonnett yesterday for a weight check, and imagine our surprise when we put D on the scale and it read 13lbs, 11.5 ounces!  He's up half an ounce!  Holy cow!  Justin and I were really just hoping that he hadn't lost weight...but gained!?  Woo hoo!  Half an ounce doesn't sound like something to be excited about, but this guy is on a fat free diet, remember?  It's tough, but we're making it.  I'm wondering if this whole diet thing is contributing to his lack of sleeping and irritability.  I know when I try one of those crazy diets I'm pretty annoyed (that's probably why I can't stick to one more than a few hours, but that's beside the point).  Hopefully we'll completely have the "old D" back in three and a half weeks.  Yep, that's how much longer we have.  Almost half way there!

I'm really bad about nicknaming; especially when it comes to pets and children.  I think our dogs have at least five nicknames each.  I can't help it.  It just happens, and Derrick is no different.  He has several names, and he will probably always be "sweet cheeks" or "cheeky" to me (which Justin is not a big fan of, but I don't really care).  We have recently added "biggy" to the list.  Ironic, because he's quite tiny, but he thinks he's B.I.G.  Often times when I call him biggy, it's in song..."Biggy" likes it when you sing to him. Don't you remember "Biggy, Biggy, Biggy, can't you see...?"

I digress...here's why I call him Biggy...

He's learning to use a stethoscope, thanks to his fellow heart buddy Lo.  She said that all heart babies biggies should know how to use one.

He is beginning to show interest in the girls.

He is very proud that he can stand and play work unassisted.

He takes his work very seriously.

And he learned to drink from a straw!!

This is the COOLEST thing.  This cup has tubing in it, and you pump the lid, and it pushes the liquid up the straw, and into the mouth.  (The yellow thing is a guard, so the straw doesn't go in too far.)  Genius!  About two pumps later, D was drinking out of the straw with no help!  

Using a honey bear and squeezing it works just the same.  Cool, right?  (That's apple juice, not honey he's drinking.)We've gone through many sippy cups, and none of them work for D.  We decided to just pull out the big guns and go straight to the straw.  He probably thinks he's too big for a sippy cup, that's why none of them "worked."  Drinking from a straw has been a goal of D's for a long time.  He's probably going to think he needs his own Sonic strawberry limeade from now on; since he's so big and all.
We're in for it when he's two!

We have a few prayer requests...
Ruthie was given the go ahead to be placed on the transplant list.  That's an answered prayer in itself, but she has a long road ahead.
Logan has an unexplained fever and they haven't been able to pinpoint what is causing it.  He had surgery about a week before D, so of course there's big concern.
Zeb is going to need surgery within the next few months.  It came as a shock to his family, because he has been doing so well.

These kids are really special to us, and we would appreciate if you join us in prayer for them and their families. 
My Biggie 
(complete with apple juice all the way down his shirt)!


  1. Oh D!!! You are just so darn cute!! Way to go on all of the progress you've made since your surgery....like gaining a half an ounce, drinking from a straw, standing and of course I have to mention the attention you've been getting from the ladies. Looks like you haven't missed a beat since surgery! LOL!! Keep up the good work.

    Good luck tomorrow on your breakfast fundraiser. I can't wait to hear how it turns out!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. Brielle was the same way with the sippy cups. I couldn't get her to drink from a normal sippy cup whatsoever but when we tried a straw cup she took to it right away. We use the new playtex ones. (They are great and best of all, no leaking!)

    I am so happy to see that D is doing so well! You would never know he just had surgery. Way to go!

    Tina, Bryan, and Brielle (HLHS) LeMire
    cp: BrielleNicole

  3. A) D has the best smile!
    B) We call my son Pinky, Pink, Pinky Poo...all stemming from how pink he looked after his first surgery. I'm fairly certain we've scarred him for life. At least my husband is ok with it...actually he's the one who started it!
    C) Sam is all about the straw. He pitches a fit if I give him a sippy. BUT he will take a sippy cup at daycare. Maybe he just knows I'll give in faster. We like the Munchkin brand sippies. They have some with soft hybryd nipple-like sippy cup tops, AND they have some with straw tops...the lids are interchangable too, so we bought a few of each type.

    Keep up the good work D!

  4. He looks great! I just HAVE to know where you got that awesome straw contraption from?!?

  5. Great Job today, Shannon and Justin! You worked so hard!

    Sara B.

  6. I am so glad you guys had such a great turnout today! What a community we have!
    Elizabeth M.

  7. WOW! That is one neat straw!! Where did you find it? I'm glad to hear you were able to get Biggie to drink from it.

    I hope you had a great turnout today. Let us know soon how it went!

    Tracey, Jeremy, Riley, Drew and Jordan Snyder

  8. I just love his pics..He is so inspiring...I am glad you had a great turnout yesterday. I hate we missed the breakfast and the conference. Thanks for the prayers and the request for our Heart Biggie!! (LOVE THAT) We are still waiting on the call.
    Hugs and Love,

  9. Shannon,
    It was so good to meet you on Saturday! I hate that we didn't have more time to visit... we had to bolt from the conference so we could pick up the kiddos from Nana and Papa.
    I'm so glad to see that Biggie is doing so well! We have been praying for his recovery --- God is so good!
    Have a great CHD Awareness week!