Just Hangin' Out

I have been a complete slacker with our blog...especially since it's CHD Awareness Week! Time has not been on my side, and neither has a little guy who wants ALL of my attention ALL of the time (including during the almost non-existent nap time). I'm not complaining, just sayin'! :)

Everything around here has been great. Derrick is working so hard on being mobile. He gets in the crawling position a lot, and we kept wondering why he wouldn't go anywhere. What we've figured out is that he's not trying to crawl. He's trying to STAND UP! He'll get on one knee and have his other foot flat on the floor, and you can see him trying to lift his hands up. He's not grabbing at anything when he does this, he's just trying to get up. Biggie!

If anything or anyone is nearby, they're fair game for pulling (or pushing) up.

We went to see Dr. Bonnett Monday because D has been giving our washing machine a run for it's money! He has had terrible tummy issues for the past 5 days. We were concerned about where this was coming from, and worried about him getting dehydrated. Dr. Bonnett checked him out and he's not concerned about his hydration, but we're keeping an eye on it and checking back in later this week. We discussed changing his formula to the one other option, but don't think that's really the issue either. What it finally came down to was that D probably has some viral infection that the rest of us have been exposed to before because we haven't had any issues (knock on wood!!). We're hoping to be on the downward slope. This was the first morning out of four that we haven't had to change his sheets and take him straight to the tub...yuck! I'll spare you the details, but it's been R.O.U.G.H! He's also had a runny/congested nose and been chewing on his finger like crazy, so maybe some little pearly whites are playing a part in this mess too. No idea, we just want it to be gone!

Yesterday we went to see Dr. Shuler for a follow-up and an echo. Everything looked and sounded GREAT, so we're very, very thankful for that. Cardiology visits are always scary...and they probably always will be. You just never know what's going on in that little chest. It was a breath of fresh air to get a thumbs up today! We go back to see Dr. Shuler March 3 and....drum roll.....we're adding SOME FAT back into this little guy as long as everything looks good! He said he's had kids who don't want anything fatty after they've been eating fat-free for six weeks. Nightmare! I don't think we'll (or I really, really hope we don't) have that problem.

In the waiting room at Dr. Shuler's office.


Do you think he's proud?

We've been practicing drinking out of a straw, and that's going really well.  D really thinks he needs our drinks now!

He can even drink a juice box all by himself!  We don't let him hold it...those things are super messy, but he didn't have any trouble with that tiny straw.  He had trouble with this drink later though...too much protein is not good for D's tummy.  It all came back up!  Too bad, because one of these juice boxes has 250 calories!

The Fatz breakfast was a HUGE success! We had WAY more people there than we anticipated, which was fantastic!! I cannot thank everyone enough who came out and ate, helped serve, and sent donations!! As of right now, we have raised over $2,400 for CHD research!! I'll have a final count later this week because we have a few more donations coming in. We are beyond thrilled with how everything turned out. Stay tuned for pictures and a grand total!

I heard it could snow Friday...not likely, but hey, it's possible!  I better go stock up on bread and milk, because those things fly off the shelves around here when the "S" word is mentioned!
And we surely don't need to run out of applesauce!!


  1. Looks like D is doing fantastic! Way to go D!!!

    Tina, Bryan and Brielle (HLHS) LeMire
    cp: BrielleNicole

  2. Everything sounds great and Derrick looks as adorable as ever...especially the applesauce face! Too cute!! Congratulations on the fundraiser! You did a great job!

    Kati, Rocky, Evan & Brycen Dunn

  3. Thanks for posting. I was going into Derrick withdrawal! :)


  4. Those big beautiful eyes of his make me smile everytime!! We are so glad to hear that Derrick is doing so well. I was wondering where you had been without posting for a while. Sending prayers that D's tummy issues are resolved soon!! We all know how the messy sheet thing is...NOT FUN!!

    Sending heart hugs!!

  5. Awesome checkup! and...awesome news about the money raised from the breakfast! We had a great time!!!

    Hoping D's tummy feels better soon! :)

  6. I'm glad to hear Derrick is doing so well. I hope he can get over his tummy problems and continue doing just as well. I hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend!

  7. Congratulations on the turnout for your breakfast. Over $2000, that's amazing Shannon! GREAT job!

    I'm glad that D is doing well but sorry he is having the tummy issues. If it makes you feel better most cardiac kids have tummy issues after surgery. Logan has every time except for this last surgery....although he has different issues this time post op. I feel your pain dealing with all of the puke. So not fun.

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  8. LOL....He always makes me smile...SO glad for the good report..and no more yuckiness.I hope to get to see you guys one day and give him a big squeeze...He is so precious!!
    I am so glad that you had such a success with the breakfast. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!!
    Keep them pictures coming...I love them!!


    Rhonda :)

  9. I am glad to hear how well he is doing! He looks great. $2400 is amazing, great job :) Congrats!

  10. I have followed you the past few weeks. Your blog and your son are amazing! He is just the cutest! I wanted to share a "mommy tip" with you reguarding the juice boxes. My son is 3 and when he drinks out of them I lift the little "flaps" on the side to make little "wings" and tell him to hold onto those. It helps. That way there are no overflowing straws and messy shirts! =)