Who Said Calories Don't Count??

 NOT this guy!!

We took D to the pediatrician Monday for fear that the "gunk" in his nose had gone to his chest, and we got two great bits of news.

1. Lungs all clear! Yes!!

2. FOURTEEN POUNDS SIX OUNCES!! Woo hoo!! Up half of a pound in ONE WEEK!! This guy (at almost ten months old) has officially doubled his birth weight and then some!

Yes, he's still eating fat free....so you better watch those calories!! They DO count!

He's had a BIG NEWS week, but you'll have to check back for D's "ten month birthday" post on Saturday for all of his news.  I can't spoil it everything!  It'll be G-O-O-D!!  :)


  1. You Go D!!!
    Shannon I think D has challenged Parker in a "weigh in" contest! D said he wasn't letting his little heart buddy show him up just yet! I am sooo glad that he has GAINED weight...and yes that is HUGE. Isn't it liberating to finally weigh him and not get the BIG "Oh, he's lost eight ounces!" That was HUGE for us! I hope that he starts feeling better. The pics of him are soo sweet! He looks like a little man in his chocolate brown sweater. Oh and I love, love, love the video! You did a great job on that! Have a great heart day and kiss D for me!
    Love In Christ,
    Amy Craft

  2. GREAT WORK DERRICK!!!! It's so great to hear the weight is going up and that his lungs are clear!!! Cant wait for the birthday post!!

  3. BOY do I know Calories count, I been in the Biggest loser competition at my church, but in light of the recent news we received I have been not doing too well with eating .since I am an emotional eater...SO GLAD D is gaining weight and of course is CUTEE as ever...I love his pictures and his facial expressions and can't wait for his 10mth update!!
    Z will turn 3 while in the hospital but you can bet we will be celebrating his milestone anyway and we will have a huge PARTAY once he is recovered...
    Love your blog! Thanks for the prayers...BIg hugs to the Lil Miracle D!!


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    P.S. If you want to keep up with Cassidy’s journey here is her Carepage info:
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