Why Blog?

ve been "stalking" Kelly over at Kelly's Korner for a while now.  She does a "Show Us Your Life" segment most Fridays and I've never participated (but really enjoyed nosing around)...until today.  Today's topic is pretty much sharing the purpose/ministry of your blog.  It appealed to me because it made me wonder, really, what is the purpose?

When we found out about Derrick's special heart, we started his Carepage to keep family and friends updated on what was going with him.  It turned into a great support system for us during such a difficult time.  Through Carepages we made many new "heart friends"  and were able to find other families who were going through similar situations.  I found that I really enjoyed writing about our lives (which totally surprised me) and I started feeling a little guilty writing about regular family stuff on D's Carepage, so I started this blog.

The blog has been so much fun.  It's kind of our scrapbook (let's face it, I'm just too lazy to get all that scrapbook stuff out just to put it up again over and over)/Derrick's baby book/ photo album.  So while it's "the books" for us, it's my hope that our blog will spread awareness about CHDs, offer hope to others who are facing or going through heart journeys, meet new people, share the joys and heartaches of day to day life with a child with a serious heart defect, give and receive prayer and support, and show the blessings we've received and the way God works His Mighty Hand in our lives every day.

All in all...I guess our blog doesn't have a real specific purpose! :)  If you're new, we're happy you're here.  If you're not, thanks for your support along the way (and we're happy you're here too! :).   We're blessed to have such a supportive bloggy community!  Feel free to leave us a note and say you stopped by!

While you're here, D wants to share his recent struggles with becoming more independent...

 Being on your own takes determination and hard work.
 It can be VERY tiring at times.
 Sometimes you get backed in a corner,
and you want to throw the towel in.
But you take a deep breath,
 and put your big boy diappy on,
 and pull yourself back up.
 'Cause nothing worth it is ever easy!

~Deep Thoughts 
by Derrick Carter


  1. That's interesting, it's EXACTLY how my blog came about; started off on carepages (cp: bilalkhan). But blogging is so much more versatile. Now I rarely update the carepage.

    Love the pics! Derrick really is a deep thinker, and so stinkin' cute :)

  2. I know I came upon D's story through Carepages, just not sure how. My daughter is CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia)with pulmonary hypertension and ASD. Her heart issues are getting better, nothing at all like D has endured. She has had 3 Cardio Caths and I need to schedule the 4th...not a fan of putting her through that again :( I have a CP for her(Emilyishere), but don't update much either, I FaceBook now and would like to Blog, but can't figure out how to start(I know, I'm a dork).
    D's gorgeous smile keeps me coming back to check on his progress and praying for his future.

  3. Sweet pics of D! Thanks for sharing to others why you blog Shannon! I too do it as a keepsake/record book for my boys. I used to LOVE scrapbooking but now just don't have the time to put into it. Blogging is just so much easier and you can share more.

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  4. Shannon,
    I like blogging for all the reasons you mentioned. I am the world's worst at baby books/scrapbooking. Nothin' but a big guilt trip for me there because of what I have failed to do. The best part is, friends and family can look at the blog at any time. A scrapbook sits on the shelf.
    By the way, anyone have any ideas about how to "save" a blog?
    The pictures of D are too cute! He is such an expressive little guy!
    Have a blessed day!

  5. I just loved "D's deep thoughts"! You do a great job with your blog, and the carepage! I am sure all of us out here in "cyberspace" love both of the pages, and keeping up with D and all the other heart kiddos out there! Take care....

  6. Love this post. It's so nice that you shared your reason for blogging. We should all do that. That's going to be my next post!! Thanks for the idea. HA....I love D's deep thoughts. You can tell he was really frustrated but didn't let "the man" keep him down!! LOVE IT!!

  7. I LOVE the pics of D and thoughts! Precious! Your blog is a beautiful scrapbook!

  8. Love this post Shannon. Thanks for sharing your heart - and D's:-)!!!!