Wow, big guy!  You're ELEVEN MONTHS OLD!  Wow time flies!  Here's what you've been up to...

  • You are wearing size 6-9 month clothes, size 2 shoes, and size 3 diapers.  You weigh right at 15 pounds, and you are the definition of energy!
  • You're officially off of the fat-free diet and loving it.  You are drinking whole milk now and seem to like it pretty well (but your tummy doesn't).  You don't drink much more of that than you did of the yucky Portagen.  You just don't seem to like the bottle that much, but you refuse your milk in a cup...hmmm.
  • You are ALL OVER THE PLACE!  There's no resting or looking away even for a second around here.  You're quick and curious, and you can make a mess in two seconds flat!

  • EVERYTHING goes in your mouth.  I can't keep the floors clean enough.  Somehow you find things neither of us would ever see...balls of lint, tiny pieces of paper, lady bugs!  And to think just a few short months ago you didn't like things in your mouth.  Ha! Not anymore!
  • We cannot turn our heads for one second.  I'm so thankful we have wood floors.
  •  You have started eating some meats.  They're not your favorite, but you'll tolerate them.  You like spaghetti pretty well, but if there's too much meat in your mouth, somehow you can keep the rest of the spaghetti in there and spit out clean meat.  
  •   You've really been trying to talk.  You now say bear ("beah"), bottle (("bobble") This one I'm not sure how you learned, because we say "milk" not "bottle." Anytime we ask you if you want milk you say, "bobble" or "Baa-aa"), juice ("duice"), and some ("dome").  You seem like you're trying to say so much more.  There are a few "words" you say often, but we can't figure out what you're talking about.  You look at us like, "Why don't you people get it?!"
  • You love riding in your car.  You were scared of it for a while, but you're a pretty big fan now.

  • Your favorite food is peaches and you love to guzzle down apple juice.
  • You hate having your diaper changed.  Hate it.  You make it incredibly difficult by rolling around kicking your legs, which you sometimes think is funny.  
  • You know what "no" means.  Sometimes you listen, sometimes you look at us and continue with whatever you were doing, and sometimes you just simply ignore us.  Already.
  • You love harassing the dogs, and lately, you love acting like them.
  •  Your favorite activity right now is going over to the stereo and turning up the volume.  You still love loud music and will stand there and dance.  You will play over there as long as we will let you.   
  •   You've decided that you're not the biggest fan of riding in the car anymore.  Short trips are ok but you let us know you're not happy after about 15 minutes.  Nighttime is horrible.  You absolutely hate being in the dark and you are not afraid to let us know it!  We even bought a tv for you for our trip to TN a few weeks ago.  It was no help.  I'm sure eventually it will be helpful (although it will only be in the car for long trips).  There won't be any tv watching on short trips, so I hope you don't start liking it too much!
  • You fake laugh.  You laugh like you're in the conversation that's going on around you, or sometimes you act like you're having a hilarious conversation with someone we can't see.  It cracks us up!  (Your daddy is on the phone right now, and he just laughed.  You looked at him and started "laughing" and being silly; making sure he was watching you.  Poor guy, you must not get any attention!)
  • You fake smile too.  It usually looks like you're in pain, and you do it often, but we're sure it's a "smile."  It really makes taking pictures of you difficult.
  •   You started going to Sunday School.  One of us was with you for the first three Sundays, but last week we left you in there by yourself.  You did ok, but Ranna had to hold you the whole time.
  • We've also started going to MOPS.  We've only been once so far, and that day you sat with me for a little while, then went to childcare.  You cried a good bit, but you ended up being ok.  I'll take you at the beginning this week. I'm pretty sure this is harder on me than it is on you....at least I hope so.  
  • You are so close to walking.  You can stand on your own for about 20 seconds, then you sit down.  You practice all the time!  You are such a determined little guy.

    I can't believe that next time I do your monthly update it will be for a ONE YEAR OLD!  I just cannot believe it's already been that long.  It makes me sad, happy, thankful, scared, excited and proud all at the same time.  You're such a special little guy and we love you more than words can say.  Daddy and I love to watch you learn and grow, and we can't wait to see what you do next.

    We love you Sweet Cheeks, and we're so proud of you!!

    Mommy and Daddy



    1. Oh my almost the big ONE YEAR OLD! He is just so photogenic! D, I love hearing about your milestones and accomplishments!

    2. love him! love him! love him! the three of you are amazing!!!! Sara B.

    3. Happy 11 months, Sweet Boy!!! Tell your mommy that we enjoyed your update & that we can't wait to see you on Thursday!
      Luke can't wait to hold your hand! :)

    4. I just had to chuckle the whole way through your update about the fun things D is doing. It seemed like with every new bullet I had a "connection" because Andrew did/does the same things! Busy little boys, aren't they? Lol! You definitely capture D's personality in your writing. What a sweet, silly boy! :)

      Happy 11 months! Soon you'll be running around and chasing him all over the house! Ha!

      Jen, Craig & Andrew

    5. I always look forward to your monthly updates on D and seeing what new things he is doing. I too chuckle because he reminds me of both my boys at that age. It only gets better (and busier) from here on out Shannon! These are some of the best days of your life....CHERISH them!

    6. How precious! Happy 11mths D!!


    7. Oh his expressions are just too cute! Love this lil' guy! Congratulations on another big milestone- what a big boy!!

    8. Hey guys,
      He is getting so big and even cuter.... I cannot believe it has been eleven months!! I love the update on what hes doing now... its too cute... <3 u guys! My fav pic ever is the top one of him in the chair... it made me smile sooo big just now! :) Lilla