D's Big Day!

I'm pretty sure it wasn't much of a present to drag D out of bed for a 7:45 am visit with Dr. Shuler on his first birthday.  Thankfully (unlike daddy) he happily got out of bed so we could be on our way.

He checked his diaper bag for any surprise presents as we waited to go back.

Once we got back to a room, all D could focus on was the "ball" hanging from the ceiling. 

Daddy was such a good teammate in the "ball" game.

We got great news from Dr. Shuler!  First of all, Derrick now weighs 16 lbs 5oz!  He's up almost 1.5 lbs in seven weeks.  Dr. Shuler was very happy with D's weight gain, and so were we.  (Although we're really crossing our fingers that he can put on another 4 lbs in the next two months. Ha!  We've gotta turn that car seat around before making the drive to Louisiana in June!)  Dr. Shuler was very happy with the way D sounds and looks too.  Then, he gave Derrick a very special birthday present (that made us very nervous)....he said (very gently nodding his head before he spoke the words because he knew our hearts would stop), "Ok.  You can come back in THREE months."  

What?!  Three months?!  Derrick has never been longer than seven weeks without seeing Dr. Shuler in his whole one year of life.  Three months!?  We know it's a good thing...just a little scary! :)

To celebrate the good news and the Big Day, we took D to the best place around....

Derrick has never had a fresh, hot, melt-in-your-mouth Krispy Kreme doughnut, and we thought it was high time he tried one.  I know all of you northern people love Dunkin' Doughnuts, but seriously, they don't hold a candle to hot, fresh, Krispy Kreme.  For real.

Opening the car door we were hit with the amazing smell, but walking inside...it was almost sinful.

D was memorized as he watched the doughnuts being made.

When you order the plain glazed doughnuts, they pick them right off the conveyor belt and put them in your box.  Talk about fresh! 


The birthday boy couldn't stand it any longer...he was ready to see what all the talk was about.

The anticipation was almost more than he could stand.

And with that first...



he completely understood the obsession with the "Hot Now" sign.

And he had to have "dome" more.

This is what's left of D's first hot, fresh, melt-in-your-mouth, Krispy Kreme doughnut.  (He doesn't quite understand how much of a party foul not finishing your doughnut is yet.  We're working on it.)

Derrick couldn't keep his eyes off of the conveyor belt of doughnuts.
They were still drawing him in.

So next time you drive by a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Factory, and the "Hot Now" 
sign is lit up, you really should stop.  Really.  Do it.

Take it from D...but get a driver. 
The sugar overload...it's rough!

But what a great first birthday cake! :)


P.S. Be on the lookout for party pics coming soon! :)


  1. How cute!!! Glad D's experienced this first big rite of passage! Also glad to hear such a good report from the dr! God is so good!!!
    Heart hugs,

  2. That is so funny! Just so you know, I'm from the North and I am well aware that Krispy Kreme wins hands down to Dunkin Donuts anyday. :) What a fun trip for your family and what great news from the doctor! I feel the same way about turning the car seat around.. fingers crossed for weight gain! :) :)

  3. "LOVE IT" Once again he is soooooooooooo cute, he should be a model. Maybe you could do a doughnut commercial

  4. Awesome news.....oh and now I want a KK doughnut.....*HUGS*

  5. Shannon~

    What great news!! I know when Jordan's doc first told us that we weren't coming back for a year, it made me nervous and happy at the same time!! But what I decided was that if they didn't want to see her for a year, things must be going well :-)

    Happy Birthday Carter! What a great way to spend it!! We do have Krispy Kremes up North too. I'll admit they are good! There is a reason I don't get them very often :-D

    Tracey, Jeremy, Riley, Drew and Jordan Snyder

  6. We LOVE Krispy Kreme here in Iowa but they are getting harder to find anymore. A lot of the places that used to carry them in our area stopped once the health craze hit.

    I think they are way better than dunkin donuts.....for sure! In fact I am craving Krispy Kreme right now! Thanks Shannon!!! LOL!!!

    Glad D enjoyed it and CONGRATS on 3 months! Woo hoo!!!


  7. Happy Birthday D! To D's Mom, you did a great job with D! I've been following your blog..I know how you feel..because...I have a daughter with almost the same CHD's as D. single ventricle, dextrocardia, pulmonary atresia, ASD and hasn't had surgery. She also turned 3 this April. My wish for D is to have a happy and normal life! My prayers are with you too!

  8. So glad to hear the great report! I bet it did catch your breath for the 3 month checkup! Zeb has been on a 3mth plan for a very long time, I can't imagine how it will make me feel when they extend it out some.. Love the pics and love his 1st birthday shirt! Can't wait to see his party pics..I bet he had a blast. I wish we could have been there. Krispy Kreme..Now I am hungry!! LOL..


  9. Yea!! Four more pounds til Louisiana! :)

    Stephanie H.

  10. Ha! I loved reading your last few updates.


    Krispy Kreme is the best! We love them here in Iowa...but they are becoming scarce!

    Congrats on the great news from the appointment. I know the first time we were told we could wait 6 months for a check-up my husband and I were very nervous! Now, we actually go 6 months...it's sometimes hard to go that long, but we just keep telling ourselves it's because Livi's doing so well.

    Take Care
    The Spencers