Let me preface this by saying D loves the brightly colored plastic eggs.  He has been playing with a box of eggs at home for the past month.  He  has them hidden everywhere and plays with them more than he's ever played with any toy.  We find them everywhere.  Pastor John has been giving eggs out at the children's sermon for the past few weeks, and D always says "ball!" when he sees him pull them out.  He loves, loves, loves eggs.

However, when it came to picking up eggs at the egg hunt, he wanted no part of it.  He just sat in the grass and looked at the egg.

He wouldn't budge.  When I gave the eggs to him he was a happy guy, he just wouldn't grab them himself.  The rest of the egg hunt was spent like this:


 We went inside and had a snack, then went out to play on the playground.  Derrick was supposed to turn his eggs in when we went inside, but instead he threw the orange one in the box and grabbed a blue one.  He didn't put his eggs down until we left. 

 D had a GREAT time swinging!  The stinky-face is his sign of approval.  
Can you guess what he's asked for for his birthday?
After the egg hunt, we went to Nona's and dyed real eggs.  D got his Easter treats from her, complete with a chocolate bunny which he LOVED!!

Sunday morning I completely forgot to take a picture of D checking out his goodies from the Easter Bunny (a book, too much sugar, goldfish, and a promise of an ice cream cone) AND I missed him in his Easter gear before church.  There usually aren't any spare seconds before we dart out the door for church...and we're still always late.

I stayed in Derrick's Sunday School class with him (shhh, don't tell Justin!) and watched him devour his snack.  Usually they eat cookies, but this time they had a special Easter cake.

He was very serious about his cake.

It was so yummy!
This was not a happy boy when the cake was gone.  He was m-a-d!  

It's so funny to watch Derrick in Sunday School.  He's the youngest one in there, and he would much rather sit at the table and eat than go play with the other kids.  Most of them don't even touch their snacks, they go off to play.  Not our boy!  He likes to sit there and EAT!  Who would've thought!?

After church we went straight home because somebody was being incredibly rotten!  Once Justin got home from work, we took D to get his very first ice cream cone, as promised by the Easter Bunny.

He kept growling "Booome!" (Pronounced much like bomb.)
It's his new way of telling you he wants 'some' but he growls it.  
It's quite funny.  The boy is serious about his food! 

The Easter Bunny did a good job with this one!  He LOVED it!  That's my boy! :)

I hope you all had a nice Easter and took time away from the colorful eggs and yummy sugar to remember the real reason we celebrate Easter.

"Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die."  ~John 11:25-26



  1. Your little guy has a serious sweet tooth! I love the Easter pics, thanks for sharing!

  2. How precious!!! Boys are really serious when it comes to eating..at least yours and mine are..
    Loved the pics!! Glad you had a Great Easter..

  3. Loved all the great pictures! Brielle is very serious about her food too! How funny!

    Tina, Bryan, and Brielle (HLHS) LeMire

  4. Loved the pictures! D is serious about his food. Glad you had a good Easter!


  5. Soooo adorable! Glad you all had a good Easter! D is serious about his sweets~ sounds like Zoey! haha~

    Sue Shelton

  6. Loved the Easter Pic's!! He's a boy after my own sweet toothe heart!!
    The ice cream pictures brought back some very funny memories....when Noah was D's age we would give him a bowl of ice cream, he would eat it so fast he would get an ice cream headache, but he would not stop eating no matter what we did, he would literally hold his head in his hands and continue to shovel the ice cream, groaning in pain! Thanks for sharing and reminding me of a great memory! Have a great week....and a super party!
    Beth Allman

  7. Cute Easter pics Shannon. D just cracks me up with his love affair with food. LOL!!!

  8. That is so funny that D loves food so much! Andrew does too, but only if it is sweets! Ha! He is too much like his mother!!!!!! :) The pics are adorable- I love how D and Andrew had the same vest! I've said this before, but seriously, D reminds me SOOOOO much of Andrew when he was that age!!! They even look a little alike! Andrew would have done the same thing (not hunt for eggs but sit there and play with them!!) :) I love it! Reading about D takes me back to those days! :)

    Glad you had a nice Easter!

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  9. What great pictures along with a great post! I'm so glad you guys had a great Easter. Don't you just soak up these moments with these special kids? My husband and I are so thankful that Luke's heart causes us to cherish each moment and milestone so deeply.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Hey girl!! I am so glad that you found me! Derrick is SOO precious and looks amazing! I love meeting new heart moms. We have so much in common and I hope to keep in touch!

  11. Sweet pics!!!

    So...we bit the bullet and got a fancy cam...maybe you can give me lessons?!?!? You know I haven't a clue how to even FB (or whatever it's called) so this should be fun! HA!!!