Happy Lucky 13 Derrick!

Wow, Derrick!  You have been one year old for a whole month!  I promise I'm not going to do updates every single month...no worries that you'll see a "Derrick is 62 months old today!" post, but in the first two years you'll change so much.  I want to be able to look back and see when you met certain milestones and what you were up to.  And let's face it...I can't even remember what I had for dinner yesterday much less all of these details.  And I'm no good at keeping up with your baby book.  So here we go:
  • You weigh almost 16 1/2 pounds and are 28 1/2 inches long.  You are still in the zero percentile for weight, but you are in the 10th for length and the 15th for head circumference.  (Don't worry though, your head doesn't look big! :) )
  • You are wearing size 6-9 month clothes, size 3 diapers, and size 2 shoes.  You've definitely saved us money by getting some wear out of your clothes.  
  • Your two top teeth have broken through and Dr. Bonnett said you were probably also getting the teeth on either side of those.  You have been quite miserable, and you aren't afraid to let us know.
In fact, I think teething has been worse than both heart surgery recoveries.
And I'm not kidding.  But I love you anyway.
  • You love cars.  Anything with wheels is a "cah" and you say "cah" over and over.  It's very cute!  You get REALLY excited when you see your little blue car.
  • You can accurately point to someone else's nose, eyes, mouth, and hair.  You can point to your own toes and your heart.  That absolutely melts mine.  We're trying to get it on video but you don't perform well for the camera.
  • You love the vacuum cleaner...as long as it isn't on.  You point and say "bac-oome" over and over.  It took us a while to figure out what you were saying because it just didn't seem like you would be saying "vacuum" but you are.   When you see it you can't stop pointing at it saying "bac-oome, bac-oome!"  When it turns on, however, you're over it.
  • You say "thanks" when you want something.  The other day Daddy was trying to get you to say please, but every time he told you to say please, you said "thanks!"  At least you're polite! :)
  • You LOVE being outside!
  • You thoroughly enjoy throwing things and emptying containers.
  • You are into EVERYTHING!  You especially love going in the snack cabinet and pulling out what you think you need to eat.  Needless to say, you don't always get to choose.
  • You say "touch" a lot.  Sometimes you do just want to touch whatever it is you're wanting, but most of the time you want to hold it.
  • You have started feeding yourself with a spoon.  
  • You love to "snuggle down."  You want to be covered with your blanket (that you call "bear") when you go to sleep, and you love to play on pillows (including the dog's).  
  • You still love being read to, but you enjoy reading independently too. 
(You did this all on your own.)

So now for the big news.... 

You're walking!!

We laughed reading everyone's guesses on the last post...sorry...Derrick's not going to be a big brother yet! ;)

Derrick, you have grown and changed so much over these last few months.  Watching you grow has been the most enjoyable thing either of us have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  You are an amazing little boy and we can't wait to see what you do next!  Now we're going to get our running shoes on!! :)

We love you Sweet Cheeks!

Mommy and Dah



  1. What a blessing to see all that D has accomplished! I could eat him up, he's so cute!

  2. More big milestones passed. What a big boy you are!!

  3. Elizabeth MarshallMay 20, 2010 7:16 AM

    Yeah! You guys better start taking naps so you can keep up with him! :)

  4. Yea! How exciting! What a big boy! Happy 13 months Mr. Derrick! :)

  5. Shannon,
    I found your blog thorugh other blogs, as we all do ;0
    My son is single ventricle, he has a varation of HLHS, had the Norwood & Glenn. He is 13 months old also.
    So great to see your son is doing well. He looks a lot bigger than 16 lbs!
    I love the picture with him eating with a spoon.

    Happy 13 months!

    Colin's Mommy

  6. Loved the update. AND the video!

  7. Yay for Derrick. I'm glad to hear he is walking now. You all have your work cut out for you to try and keep up with him now. I am so glad to see all of his accomplishments and know he has many more to come. Happy 13 months!

  8. How adorable! I love all the pics and hearing what D is up to each month! :) Yay for the walking! We waited until 22 months for our walking debut! :P lol. I was going crazy! Congrats D, now you ARE a really big boy! :)

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  9. Too Sweet! He will be running soon and you will be chasing after him..so buckle up.. Is his hair turning blondish? It looked lighter to me. Oh how fast they grow...Its a hard thing and a Wonderful thing...I know.. Hugs to You and a Big one for lil D!

    Rhonda :)