It's Party Time!


almost three weeks later...

D's birthday party pics...

We didn't really have a theme but more of a color scheme.  Everything was blue, green, and brown with a few monkeys thrown in here and there.

We made everything for his party ourselves.  It was a little stressful at times a lot of fun.  I got a Cricut for my birthday so we could make things for D's birthday.  :)  I just have to mention here how I have the best husband in the world...hands down (sorry ladies! :)  There aren't a lot of husbands who would have done as much for a birthday party as Justin did.  

Some of the decorations...

and the hat that Justin made.  (I told you he was the best!)

Derrick's "Aunt" Stephy and "Uncle" Kev drove all the way down from Virginia Friday night to share his special day.  We are SO happy they were able to be here, and SO, SO grateful for their help!  

We were planning to have the party in our back yard.  Wouldn't you know, but it just so happened to rain all day Saturday, so that put a little kink in our plans.  

Wondering where we were going to put all of D's guests was a little stressful, but it all worked out.  The only thing I regret (other than the rain of course) is that it all flew by so quickly that I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wanted.  (The quality of them is also terrible, but...)

Some of D's friends mingled in the living room and made new friends,

while others played in his room in the ball pit that we borrowed from his little friend George.

Derrick was full of himself playing with all of the big kids.  He's hard to see in this picture, but as always, he's lovin' the ladies! Ha!  (Trust me, these pics are much better in black and white, so you just have to look closely and pick him out.)

For dinner we had hotdogs, chili (thanks Mamaw and Papaw!) baked beans (thanks Steph!), cole slaw (thanks Danielle!), my dad's famous potato salad (thanks dad!...(If anyone knows how to market food, we need to know!)), and chips.   We waited until the very last second to do anything with the food because I just knew it was going to stop raining so we could eat outside.  Well...it didn't, and I missed pics of the food.  But as I'm sure you can imagine, it was good! :) 

Everyone seemed to enjoy filling their bellies, 

and the kids had fun eating outside,

even if it was in the rain.

After we ate it was time for the big event...CAKE!  
A huge thanks to my friend Elizabeth who helped me make the cakes!

D was less than thrilled about wearing his hat..can you tell?!

He did enjoy the singing (and all of the attention) and was ready to dive into the cake!

Well...ready to eat the cake after I tore it apart for him.  
Note to self...fondant icing is not a great idea for a smash cake! :)

After eating cake it was time for the pinata.  We couldn't smash it outside (it was made of newspaper and flour and woudn't have made it past the first whack). Instead, the kids gathered around and Justin tore a hole in the bottom of the monkey and they dove in!  I don't think they minded not being able to bust it open themselves.  (And thankfully so, because at that point I realized we don't even own a bat, so I'm not sure what we were planning to use anyway.  See...it rained for a reason! :) )

After we loaded all the kids up with tons of sugar finished the pinata, D's friends got their treats (that they had been eyeing all afternoon...so funny!) and the party was over.

We had a great time and are so thankful for all of our family and friends who celebrated D's big day with us, even if they couldn't physically be here for his party.  It was a huge milestone, and we thank God every single day for loaning us one of his special little angels.  

As for the after-party...




  1. Soooo cute! The decor, the cake, the birthday boy, and the nap! Ya'll did a great job!
    Heart hugs,

  2. Looks like D had one rockin' party! I love the pics, thanks for sharing. And that CAKE, awesome!

  3. You did amazing job Shannon! It was SUCH a fun party and D couldn't have been cuter!

  4. Shannon~

    My goodness!! You did a great job! I love your cakes!!

    D is so lucky to be surrounded by people who love him. Happy 1st birthday again Little Man!

    Tracey, Jeremy, Riley, Drew and Jordan Snyder

  5. You are the most amazing mom (and dad!) in the world! What a wonderful 1st birthday party! It was all SO cute and I know your little monkey had a terrific time :)

    Kati, Rocky, Evan & Brycen Dunn

  6. I love the Shannon Carter flair and style of the party and decorations!!! Too cute! Y'all did a great job and looked like everyone had lots of fun too!

    Sue Shelton

  7. Oh my my! He is so absolutely adorable and strong. It is so marvelous to see him active, full of life and happy.
    Shannon, I truly enjoy reading your blogs. It gives me so much hope for Ruthie's future. Life after the hospital. It is wonderful how well D is doing. He is the "poster child" of CHD success.
    God sure has a fun way of showing himself in this world. I am so grateful for Derrick and his spirit! Your family is an inspiration and a sign of greater things.
    Thank you for sharing your world (and in such a positive way)!


  8. You did a great job! It's so cute! I am sure everyone had a blast!

    Amy Wicker

  9. So adorable!! I wish I could've been there!! Love the decorations, love the cakes!!! So cute!!

    Stephanie Hazelwood

  10. Thanks for sharing the birthday fun from D's party. It looks like he had one heck of a 1st birthday!!

    You are such a good mommy!!!

  11. OH Shannon! How precious!! I sure hate we couldn't come! He is just a sweet sweet baby boy! Always makes my heart smile! I will say I am very impressed at all the creativity...I don't have an ounce of it! Looks like he Celebrated in style and it was great! I sure missed you guys today at the outing wish you could have made it we had lots of fun! I am sure D would have had my girls wrapped around his finger before the day was over! Hugs ~

    Rhonda :)