Sometimes Change is Hard

I'm sure some of you who go to church with us have wondered where we've been.  (Not because you miss us, but because you miss Derrick, ha!)  There have been a few times when I've seen people where I know they wanted to ask, "So, did you just quit coming to church, or what?" but they don't want it to be awkward. (Which, by the way, it would be totally ok to ask.)

Actually, we didn't "quit" church.  We've been visiting a few other churches lately.   I'm sure you're wondering why, and it's not because we were angry or upset with anything, but because right now we feel like it's what's best for our family.

Justin works every other weekend.  He has to be at work at 10am on Sunday, so that means he can only be in church every other week.  I don't know about the rest of you, but to us, missing that "refilling of the tank" that you get from going to church each week is really tough when you have to make that tank last for two weeks.   I can feel a difference in myself the weeks I miss church, and Justin can too.  And for the past two years, he has been trying to make his "tank" last for two weeks, and that's not really fair if it's not necessary.  

It's important to us to attend church together as a family.  It strengthens our bond with the 
Lord, and also with each other.  We want Derrick to grow up knowing that his daddy goes to church with us even if he has to leave straight from there to go to work.  We don't want him to one day be able to say, "I don't want to go to church.  Daddy doesn't have to."  Even if it is for work.  

So, we've been trying a few places out.  Places closer to our house (Mt. Tabor is a 30 minute drive), which makes it closer to Justin's work (since he works about 72 seconds from home).  We're looking for that place that feels like home, just like Mt. Tabor does.

This decision did not come easily for either of us.  I have gone to Mt. Tabor my entire life.  My whole family goes there.  Our church has been extremely supportive of our family as we anticipated Derrick's arrival and went through both of his surgeries.  We know there are many people there who love Derrick dearly and pray for him daily, and we pray that doesn't change.   It's been hard for both of us, and trust me, there were a few tears shed over this decision.   But it's something we feel led to do, and we know that God has a plan for us and will lead us to wherever is right for our family.

We have that lump-in-your-throat-but-really-excited feeling...know what I mean?



  1. Elizabeth MarshallMay 22, 2010 5:53 PM

    That is such a great picture of the three of you. Are there more to come?

  2. God will open the doors and lead you where you need to be, for HIM and for your family.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. It's hard finding a new church that feels like home. I'll be praying for ya'll. Oh, and btw...love the pic!!


  4. Great picture! It is hard finding a new church and making that jump. I wish you all the best in this new journey.

  5. We are currently struggling with finding a church "home" as well. The church we know and love is near our old house, about a 40 min drive. Just not feasible, but we miss it so much and have yet to find one we love close to home. We want Andrew to be in church school with his neighborhood friends, too. It is such a hard decision, and such an important one. Praying God guides your family to your perfect church "home."

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  6. What a beautiful family photo! We too are struggling to find a church home. Praying that you find that new home soon.