14 Months & Father's Day


Once again, somehow, it's the 20th of the month.  And once again I can't believe that you're growing up so quickly!  You are a ball of fire.  You're silly, funny, and full of energy.  You love attention and seem to get plenty of it everywhere we go.  Since you've become such a good walker it's definitely gotten more difficult to keep up with you!  You're into everything....

  • You still weigh about 16 1/2 pounds.  You can wear some 9-12 month clothes (but 6-9 month shorts fit much better) and you're almost out of your size 2 shoes.  
  • You've started waving again!  
  • You say "voom, voom" when you play with your cars.  The ladies in the nursery at church think it's so funny that you do that. 
  • Your favorite place to be is outside.  You absolutely love it, especially if you get to play in the water.  Unfortunately it's been about 100 degrees everyday for the past month so we haven't been spending a ton of time outside.  But when we are outside, you're a happy man!
  • You fake laugh.  Anytime someone is laughing, you laugh too...wrinkling up your little nose.  It's so, so funny!  You'll even do a little high-pitched squeal after it to add to the adorableness.
  • If you can't be outside, you'll settle for looking out the window or the front door.  If I loose sight of you for a minute I can usually find you at the front door.  (Yes, I keep it locked.)

  • You LOVE bath time!  You make an incredible mess all over the bathroom floor with the water.  We're working on "little splashes" but you don't seem to like those too much.  
  • You are such a cuddly little boy.  You love all of your "bears" and kiss and hug them all of the time.  You especially love this huge dog-bear that Daddy picked out for you.

  • You've learned to eat with a fork.  When your fork is empty you hand it to us for more.  You try to refill it yourself but your food seems pretty slippery. :) 
  • You love shoes.  You try to put our shoes on but haven't quite figured out how yet.  You have a pair of flip flops that Nana gave you that you carry around all day long.  They're way too big, but you love for us to put them on you anyway.  You'll bring them to us and lift your little foot up for us to help you.  
  • One of your favorite things to do with your new-found walking freedom is pushing around your grocery cart.  You push that thing all over the place and say "cah, cah (car)."  It's really adorable.
  •  You are pretty good at following directions.  You will help pick up toys (sometimes) and you'll usually go get something or do something when we ask you to. 
  • You talk a lot.  Some of it we understand, some of it we don't, but you talk up a storm anyway!  I sure wish I knew what you were saying sometimes.
  • You love to swim! 
  • When you want us to turn on the radio, you will come up to us and start dancing (your signature arm move).  Dancing is still one of your favorite things to do.  You are learning new moves everyday (although I'm not sure from whom) and it is hilarious to watch you.  
  • You will ride in anything that will go...and you LOVE to ride!
  • Within the last few days you've started fighting sleep.  You used to be happy and content when we put you in your bed for nap time or bedtime.  Lately you cry as soon as we put you down.  The thing that makes it worse is now you'll cry and say "mama" or "dada."  It's so hard to hear you do that, so I really need you to stop it right now! 
  • You are such a kisser.  Sometimes you get into kissy moods and will give about twenty kisses, one right after the other.  You're such a sweet boy.  You'll usually give good-bye kisses, although you generally won't give us kisses at bedtime.  I guess it's your way of punishing us for making you go to bed.

As each month passes, I still have a hard time believing that you are a whole month older!  You need to slow down big guy...before I know it I'm going to be helping you pack to go to college...and you know I'm entirely too emotional to be able to handle that!

We love you more than you'll ever know, Cheeks!  We're so proud of you and so blessed to be your mommy and daddy.

and... Happy Father's Day!!

  I always knew that Justin would be a great daddy.  

Seeing him hold our son for the first time was such an incredible moment.
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He is an even better daddy than I ever could have ever imagined and Derrick and I are so very blessed to have him to love us!!

Father's Day 2009
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Father's Day 2010

(With an uncooperative little guy!)

Happy Father's Day Dad, Jimbo, and Justin!  
Y'all are the BEST and we LOVE you!!




Derrick was invited to spend last Friday night at "Dreamnight at the Zoo."  When I read his invitation I was a little taken aback when I saw "Dreamnight at the Zoo...for chronically ill and disabled children and their families."  Wow.  I have a chronically ill/disabled child? 

From the time we found out about D's special heart, we vowed we would give him a life that was as normal as possible.  For us, that meant not dwelling on his "disabilities" and instead giving him the same experiences we would if he were a whole hearted little guy (as long as they're safe for him of course).  Don't get me wrong, I've said many silent prayers as people cough nearby and gotten very upset when people bring their children (or themselves) around D knowing they are or possibly may be sick.   But for the most part, we're pretty level-headed (at least I think so!).   I say all of this to say, reading the Dreamnight invitation was a little knock back into reality for me....but I was super excited to check it out!

Can't you see how excited Derrick was?
Ok...quick bad parenting story...
When we arrived at the zoo, we realized that Derrick had no shoes.   Until recently this wasn't a problem (which is why we forgot of course), but being the new walker he is, we knew he wouldn't ride around in the stroller all night.  He was going to have to have shoes.  So Derrick and Justin went inside and I high-tailed it to Baby Depot to find D some shoes.  You can see in this picture that waiting for his slack mama was less than thrilling! Ha!

We ran into one of D's heart girls, Evie, and her adorable family,

watched some singing,

and had our picture taken.

We visited the brand new kangaroo exhibit that you can walk through,
(look closely to see the baby roo)

watched the gorillas play with their food,

and were entertained by the elephants as they worked together to break sticks.

D had his first ICEE,

flirted with people as we waited in line,

and enjoyed a yummy fudge popsicle.

While we were eating it started pouring down rain so D had a chance to try out his new shoes on the dance floor.  (I was looking for quick and cheap...not cute.)

He had a good time grooving to the music!

After waiting out the worst of the storm, we decided to make a run for it.  
Once we'd made it back to the entrance, we decided to let D have a little more fun. 

Walking in the rain is a lost art...

One that our man sure appreciates!

The rain can put an end to outings pretty quickly sometimes, but for this guy, it made it even better!

We said a soggy good-bye to the Chick-fil-a cow

and an awesome night at the zoo!  

It really was an amazing evening.  Riverbanks Zoo, Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital, and lots of  businesses truly made that a dream night for us and I'm sure for many families.  Everything...the tickets, food, ICEEs, ice cream, entertainment, hula lessons, face painting, make-up parties with princesses...everything was free.  For many families who have a chronically ill or disabled child, a trip to the zoo, something we do often and take for granted, would be impossible without a night like this.

It was very humbling to look around at all of the families; thinking about how much they probably went through to give their child this special night, much less what they face on a day-to-day basis.  It really made me appreciate our life even more.   Even if it means our perfect child can also be called chronically ill or disabled.

To end D's Dreamnight, Justin insisted we find him his dream best friend...



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

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We're off to the Thrifty Decor Chick's before-and-after party today...finally.  I've been meaning to do this for months, but life gets a bit hectic sometimes! :)  Today we're sharing the master bedroom.

We've lived in this house for two years and already we've re-done our bedroom twice.  Call me indecisive, call me difficult to please...I know, I know.  I'm just lucky that when I say, "Honey, I think we should redo.....," he rolls his eyes and says (in that oh my gosh you've lost your mind again voice), "What do you have in mind?"  And then usually he'll go along with it. :)

Here's the room when we moved in.
It was painted an off-white color with lovely brass outlet covers. 

After #1
Please excuse the pictures...they're some random ones one of us took before actually moving the junk (so it must have been Justin behind the lense. ;)  I know we took some before we redid the room again, but they're no where to be found.  The bad pictures just make our real after pictures look even better. :)

We bought this comforter set from Overstock as kind of an impulse buy.  Finding a paint color was a little difficult.  There was no way we could have painted the room very dark with the dark comforter and dark furniture.  It's kind of a dark room anyway and we didn't want to make it feel like a cave.  The swatch of color we chose appeared to have a slight hint of olive in it, but once we got it on the walls it looked like just plain 'ol off-white to me.  Bummer.  We never even got around to putting up window treatments, and I'm pretty sure this "C" on the wall was the only thing hanging.  That's how excited we were about our new room.

So we lived with this bedroom for about a year.  It lasted a whole year only because we had finally finished painting every. single. inch. of wall space and trim in this entire house (including the foyer (which has a 15 ft ceiling) twice because we didn't like the color the first time) and we weren't about to start painting again!   Then Derrick arrived and we were busy for a minute.

By the time Derrick was about two months old we couldn't stand not having a project to do, so we decided it was time to tackle our bedroom.  We really wanted new furniture, but that wasn't in the budget.  This furniture was Justin's that he had been using for the past ten years or so, and it really didn't fit our style. I really wanted to paint the furniture, but he wouldn't let me so we had to get creative.

Here's what we came up with...
After #2
First we found a DIY headboard that we loved in the Lowes magazine.  We enlisted my dad and little brother to help out with that project.  They're carpenters, so they're much faster than we would have been.  (Ok, who am I kidding?  I wouldn't have been much help with that project! ha!)

Anyway,  we knew we were going to paint the new headboard black, so our dilemma was making the new bed and old dresser "go" together.   We thought about buying new black drawer pulls for the dresser, but couldn't find any that we thought would look right.  Instead, we did what we do best and spray painted the old ones black.  Then we removed the mirror from the dresser and found one that we could hang on the wall that combined the two colors of wood to pull it all together.

We moved the end tables out and bought those cheap-o roundtables, added a white table cloth and some cool black fabric with white and black circles sewn in and new lamps (bought from Hobby Lobby for 50% off).  For an added touch, we added crown molding along the ceiling.  It made the ceiling feel taller and gave the room a finished, clean look.

Nana (Justin's grandma) used this vase in her house and I loved it the minute I saw it.  When she she moved she no longer had room for it so she gave it to us.  It used to be gold, so again we pulled out the spray paint and gave it new life.  Everything in the vase came from Pier 1 a few years ago and the colors just happened to work out perfectly.

We bought the bedding and picture frames from Belk, the flowers and vase from Hobby Lobby, and curtains, rods, and tie-back-things from Burlington.  For the whole make-over we spent about $350, which we were very happy with.  It's a pretty big change, don't you think?

This guy likes it!



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And just like I promised when we started this blog, here's D...