Thanks to all of you who gave us input on your favorites of our family pictures! We had fun reading through the comments and emails to see what you all thought, and it's nice to have someone else's opinion.  Pictures are hard to choose (for me anyway).  We'll let you know what we end up getting printed.  If you didn't tell us what you thought, you still can by clicking here.

I'm assuming you've noticed, but we've changed the blog again.  There are now links at the top (under the header) where you can click around for more info and for some of the things that used to be on the sides.  It was time to do some last minute spring-cleaning to the blog and move some of what was starting to feel like clutter.  We're not completely finished with the make-over, but hope to be soon, so pardon our mess.

One of the reasons it's taking a little longer is because we're having some technical difficulties around here.  We're moving from this poor guy....

to this beauty....

If you need to see part of the reason, here's a closer look....
Yep, the screen is only attached to the bottom part of the computer (technical description, I know) by a few wires.  I know you can see the finger prints all over the screen so you can only imagine who may have assisted in the demise of the laptop.  We bought it about a week before D was born, and just after our one year warranty was up, snap! :)

So we made the big switch.  Once we get this Mac thing figured out, I'm sure there will be no turning back.  We kind of have a love-hate relationship right now because there's a bit of a learning curve.  Neither of us have ever used a Mac until we bought one, but it seems that everyone who has one LOVES it, so we thought we'd give it a go!

Another "techie" change around here is the 'comments' section of the blog.  It's good-bye blogger comments and funny word-verification-code-thing and hello Disqus!  Hopefully everyone will like this form much better.    It's easy!!  All you have to do is type your message in the box (where it says "type comment here"), fill in your name and email address in the appropriate boxes, and you have the option of typing your site in if you have one.  Then just hit "post as a guest." Your email has to be entered, but it is not published anywhere for other people (or spammers) to get.  It's safe, promise! :)

My favorite thing about the new comments option is that it has the potential of being more like a conversation.  You can ask a question and we (or you) can reply back to you (which is one reason you enter your email address).  The reply will come right to you in an email.  There have been tons of times that we've wanted to respond to something someone said or answer a question in a comment, and we couldn't do that before...now we can! :)   We've had some people tell us that they've written us a comment, typed in the "secret code word" and the comment disappears!  That stinks, because we love hearing from you! :) (Not to mention that you take the time to do it then it feels like a waste.)

And because we love hearing from you so much, we have a little surprise for you!  (And no, I'm NOT pregnant!  I know some of you guess that every time there's a surprise! Ha!!)  You'll have to check back Friday to see what it is. :)

Now, I'm going to get back to my very independent little guy who isn't walking anymore...

he's running,
(And he refuses to look at me any time I have the camera.)

and probably destroying something
because that's what he does best.

But I wouldn't change it for the world! :)

So, what do you think about the blog changes?  
Do you have any tips or tricks for Macs?
Do you love 'em or hate 'em?

Do tell!!