Hilton Head Island

We just returned from a relaxing few days on Hilton Head Island.  Things have been so busy around here and we were ready for a much needed break.  We left the computer at home so we wouldn't be tempted with email, blogging, facebook...nothing.  And it was GREAT!  I even left my cell phone at home (accidentally, but gladly)!

D was super excited about the trip...mainly because he got to SEE where we were going!  It was his first ride with his car seat facing FORWARD.  He seemed pretty happy about it for the first two hours of the trip.  When we had about 45 minutes left, he decided to throw up all over himself.  

It was disgusting, to say the least!  Nothing like the South Carolina humidity mixed with the smell of milk the second time around.... :)  Thankfully, this was no indication of how the rest of the trip went!

Hunter and Logan made us some yummy chocolate covered pretzels to enjoy,

and Derrick and Carter played with "cah, cahs" until their little hearts went "beep beep."

Derrick thoroughly enjoyed staying up until past midnight every night then took incredible 2 to 3 hour naps each day.  And we had to wake him up then!  I don't know why he can't do that at home! :)

Derrick wasn't overly thrilled about the beach this year.  
I guess he doesn't remember putting his little toes in the water last year! 

He was ok with the sand but a little unsure of the waves. 
He LOVES the water, but he's usually splashing it, not it splashing him

He did enjoy playing in the sand.

But more than any part of the beach, our boy loved the pool!  I didn't get any pool action shots (hmm...I think I need to work on convincing Justin that I need a waterproof camera...) but by the time we were ready to go back to the condo, this guy was delirious from the sun and fun!

We had a great time and look forward to going to Hilton Head every year.   Justin and his sister have many years of memories there, (they've been going to the same exact place for more than 20 years...oh that makes them sound old! ;) )  and we hope that Derrick and his cousins can have years of memories there too.  However, they won't be at the same condo!  Next year we're moving to a new place that will accommodate all ten of us comfortably at one time!  We already can't wait! :)

I have lots of beach pictures that I want to post so there will be more to come.  I'm so far behind but have to get it all in the books, so sorry! :)

On another note...My stomach is doing flips about this...D has a cardiology appointment on Tuesday.  It's just his routine visit, but it's been a whole THREE MONTHS since the last one so I'm out of practice.  This is the longest it's ever been and I'm nervous.  Please say a little prayer that his heart still looks and sounds great!!  And if you could add in there that he COOPERATES with the echo, that would be great too. :)  I'll be sure to update on the big guy Tuesday night.

Thanks so much for all of the prayers, comments, everything...we appreciate them all more than you will ever know! 


  1. Wow! No cell phones and no computer? Good for you!:) I'm so glad to see you had a nice vacation.
    I will be praying for D's Cardiology visit this week. I understand your stomach flips- Aly has her first appointment in 2 months this week and I feel the same way. My husband says I'm crazy to be worried but I think once you've been surprised once in your life (with a CHD diagnosis) you always are cautious and worried about other surprises. I'm sure all is well in both our cases- but if a heart mom didn't worry, what else would we do? ;)

  2. Our neighbors have been to Hilton Head and they said it was beautiful there. Glad you guys had an amazing time!

    Saying many prayers for D's upcoming check up!

  3. What sweet pictures from a wonderful week

  4. Hayden is so excited to play with Derrick and his cars. He loved his "McQueen" PJs, and said "more D-irick when we finished looking at your blog! LOL, they are going to have fun (I hope)!!

    Stephanie :)

  5. So glad you got some fun relaxing time...We will be praying for you guys tommorow..I know how it is..I worry myself sick and expect the worst..why? Idk..I drive Sonny nuts... Love the pics always and will be waiting for the news of a good report..

  6. YAY for forward facing car seats!! Way to go D!!

    Praying for your big day tomorrow. And a peaceful spirit for D. And no stress for mom. ANd GREAT news!