A Walk in the Park

It has been SO incredibly HOT lately...they say it's the hottest June on record, although I'm pretty sure they say that every year.  We were tired of being cooped up inside so we took a stroll in the park.

Daddy and D played in the grass,

and D had so much fun exploring.

He took a break to play with his "cah, cah,"

and was happy to enjoy the fresh air.

Please pray for our friend Parker.  He had an MRI done today and the doctors told them that as long as everything looked good, they would see them in a month.  When they got home from the appointment there was a message for him to go back in tomorrow.  I know Parker's family would sure appreciate your prayers for patience and peace as they wait for the results from today.   Please be in prayer that whatever they found will be something easily treatable so Parker can continue to enjoy his summer and keep wowing us with his preciousness.    

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