Sweet Sixteen!

Whoa, Big Stuff!  You're SIXTEEN MONTHS OLD already!  
(And you refuse to look at or smile at the camera...ever!)

You weight 17 pounds and 13.5 ounces and are 30.5 inches tall.  That puts you in the 25th percentile for height, but you're still in the zero percentile for weight.  You're one tall, thin guy!  (You sure didn't get that from me! :)

You are completely obsessed with the stairs.  If we don't have the gate up you can always be found climbing up.  It's not necessarily that you want to be upstairs, you just want to climb.  All. the. time. 

We let you climb up and walk down the stairs when we are with you.  You've gotten really fast at going up, but we're always right behind you because sometimes you like to stop and turn around when you're half way up.  You can't seem to understand that that's not going to end well if we're not right there!  When we come down the stairs you have to walk down like the big boy you are.  You'll hold hands until you get to the railing where you can reach, then you do it yourself.  Your little legs are about the height of one step, so it's work, but you don't mind.  You're so proud of yourself. :)

You've learned how to turn the radio on all by yourself.  You turn it on (and off...multiple times) anytime the mood strikes.  You LOVE music and you're a little dancin' king. :)

You are a blankie loving boy!  Your blankie has to come out of your crib with you every morning and after your nap.  When we come in to get you, before you want to be picked up you hand us blankie and say, "dis."  It has to be with you when you drink your bottle (yes, we have to work on that) and you have a much better morning in the nursery at church when blankie is with you.  We have to pick our battles, and if blankie is comforting, then blankie wins.  For now. 

The other day you came up to me and handed me a diaper, said "Do this," and went to lie on the floor.  Hmmm.

You fake smile and it is hilarious!  You know it's funny and you know when to do it.  I just don't feel like a 16 month old should know that it's appropriate to flash a face like that when they're doing something they know they aren't supposed to do.  You know it's cute, and that's probably not to our advantage.  
You will not, however, show the camera your fake smile and I find that extremely frustrating! :)  
This is the best I get.

You still love to clean!  You "bop" {mop} all day long!  One night you were drinking your bottle and Daddy started vacuuming upstairs.  You had to rush up there and watch.  You just stood right beside him the whole time he vacuumed, just watching.  You're such a little supervisor.

You repeat EVERYTHING!  I have no idea how many words you can say now, but it's a lot.  It's so funny to hear the words you choose to repeat.  You've started saying 'night night' and it sounds so sweet!  You say, "nigh nigh" and it's so soft and innocent.  I love it!  

You do have one hang-up with your words...you REFUSE to say please.  Last night when we were eating dinner you wanted your cup.  I kept trying to get you to say please, but you kept saying, "get this" over and over.  I finally handed you your cup and said to daddy, "He's bossy!"  You smiled and said, "boss, boss."  Yeah, I think we're in trouble! Ha!

Your next favorite thing to cleaning is playing with cars.  We were watching you last night as you were playing and you've really started driving your car over things.  It's very deliberate now; not just moving the car around, but driving it over and under things.  You're such a little man!

You've gotten pretty helpful when it comes to getting you dressed.  You stand up and hold on to something and put one foot in your pants at a time.  

You have learned to throw fits.  And scream.

You thoroughly enjoy your bath, but your favorite part is the lotion afterward.  You like to help rub it in on your chest, and you'll even try to sneak a lick of it off your hands if we're not looking.  We still haven't figured out the fascination with that.  

I can't believe how much you've grown up!

I would LOVE to push pause and just freeze time.  You're growing up way too fast, and Daddy and I are just not ready!  You have such a silly little personality and make us laugh so often.  You're so much fun and we both love every minute of our time with you.  You're rotten, but you sure are sweet!  We love you more that you can ever imagine Cheeks!

Happy sixteen months!

To the moon AND BACK,
Mama and Daddy



    :) RHONDA

  2. HAPPY SIXTEEN Month Birthday, today is my daughter's B-DAY also. They grow up too fast. Carol Hinze

  3. Such a cute lil' tyke!
    OK Shannon....Im ready for a crash course. Ive joined the ranks with a Nikon. Now I just need to learn HOW to take pictures like you. You've got a great eye!!!

  4. He is growing up so fast! Zoey is in K5 this year! And she still sleeps with her blankie~ haha...

    Sue Shelton

  5. Cute post and I love the pics!

  6. He is just SO cute! & I love those pictures!!

  7. Awww! Happy 16 months Derrick! He is so cute! :)

  8. So, so sweet!! It's so amazing to me to see such distinct character traits and defined personality show up in little ones at so early an age. My little sister was quite the little supervisor, too.

    Happy 16 months, Derrick!!