Hangin' out with Hearts!

We hung out with some of our heart friends on Saturday and had so much fun!  We had big plans to play at the splash pad and grill hot dogs for dinner.

Everyone had a great time splashing around,

having water wars,

and just plain ol' having fun. 

it thundered! 

They turned the water off.
We had only been playing about ten minutes and Luke and Wyatt hadn't even gotten wet.
It was sadVery sad.

Some of us made the best of it

while others couldn't hide their disappointment.

Since Mother Nature wasn't on our side, we loaded up the kids and headed to our house to eat.  There were many great photo opps but somehow I missed them all.

Until this one...

Four little heart friends and one watching from above

all with matching silver zippers on their chests,

who are so full of energy that I took fifteen (yes, 15) shots of them,

and this is the best I got.
But that's ok, because they had fun anyway!

It's a sweet reminder of how precious life is.
Having such great friends to walk this road with is an incredible blessing.



  1. Can you send me the last pic of the 4 of them? That is the best! I did NOT get a good pic of them. We had sooooo much fun! I can't wait to do it again!

  2. Thanks for hosting such a fun gathering of family friends that we cherish! Such a special group!! We had a great evening. D shared all his stuff so sweetly.....and my kids LOVE your dogs:-). Tell Justin thanks for chaperoning that bit:-)

  3. Great post, my friend! It's nice to see all the water pics since we missed that fun...although Wyatt was just as happy running in the grass playing tag! :)

    Thank you again for pulling us all together!

    I said to Z...You would have picked this day to be sick! That is the way it goes..I am just glad he is better and it looks like you had a Blast..Love the pic of the kiddos all together...
    Love ya