Seventeen Months!

I seriously think someone is playing tricks on me with the calendar. I cannot possibly believe that it's already the 20th again...and you know what that means...

D, you are SEVENTEEN months old today!

You wear a lot of 12 month clothes now, but you can still wear a lot of your 9 month pants.  You wear a size 3 diaper and mostly size 3 shoes, but your new tennis shoes are big fours!  You weigh about 18.5 pounds now and I have no idea how tall you are, but you've definitely gotten taller!

Things have been very entertaining around here lately.  You have become quite the parrot.  You repeat everything!  You say so many new words everyday that we can't keep track.  You'll try to say anything we ask you to, although if someone else is listening, you'll pretend like you have no idea what we're talking about. 

You chew and swallow your aspirin.  This shocked us the first time you did it!  One night as I was getting your medicine ready, I dropped your aspirin and you grabbed it before I could.  You put it in your mouth so we decided to see what happened.  You chewed it right up and the rest is history.  :)  
You've started pitching fits.  We're not fans.

You are a blankie lover!  It's really cute how much you love blankie.  You take blankie to church and MOPS, and you don't get upset as much when we leave you if you have blankie with you.  Blankie makes LOTS of people happy!   

Speaking of being left, you don't cry anymore when we leave you at church, MOPS, or when Ms. Carol comes to keep you.  It makes us happy and sad at the same time...but mostly happy! 

You are obsessed with shoes.  

You have been practicing jumping for months, and you almost have it.  If you could just get those toes up!

Your "fake smile" is one of your favorite faces to make.  It always makes us laugh...even when we shouldn't.

You are such a silly, happy guy.  You love attention and know how to get it.  It's really funny to pay attention to how many people you get to speak to you when we're at the store.  You must be making faces at people and I don't realize it or something...it wouldn't surprise me!

We think you're getting really close to being ready to potty train.  You tell us all the time, "poop!"  Even if it's not poop, but poot...you know something is going on down there!  You'll go and hide when you're doing it too.  You sometimes bring us diapers when you're wet and you're very interested in the potty, but we haven't caught you at the right time to try it out.  We're in no big hurry but you sure seem interested! {Someday you're going to pay me back for putting this online, aren't you! :)}

You still love to dance and do it all the time.

You've gotten into this throwing kick, and that's not very fun for us.  Last night you went to time-out three times for throwing things.  We haven't figured out why throwing things is so entertaining...it's sure not entertaining to clean up after you!

We have officially gotten rid of bottles.  We're a little concerned about whether or not you're getting enough milk, but you are drinking it out of a cup now.  However, you will not drink milk out of your regular cups.  The milk cups must be vastly different than the juice cups or you will refuse them.  Milk does not belong in a juice cup.  The. End.  You will have no part in that.  We've had to buy a bunch of different cups that are strictly for milk.  It's tricky to find straw cups that are nothing like the Playtex cups you drink juice out of that don't spill all over the place.  You are one high maintenance little man!  {But we sure do love you!}

Cheeky, you're just growing up way too fast!  
Can't you slow down please!? :)

We have so much fun with you and can't believe how much you grow and learn every day.  You are such a sweet little guy and we love, love, LOVE being your mama and daddy and spending every day with you.  You are such a blessing and we love you SO much!

To the moon and back, Cheeks!

Mama & Dada



  1. Happy 17 months, Derrick!! That is one incredibly cute kid :)

    I read your comment about the sippy cups, and have to tell you... I recently purchased the Tommee Tippe straw cups and they are FANTASTIC!!!! They have a valve in them, so they're spill proof, but the valve is the most sensitive I've ever seen (for sucking purposes). We went through umpteen cups, trying to find a straw that he could actually suck through, but always had to manipulate the valve, thus making the cup no longer spill-proof. It was a mess! Thankfully, I saw these one day at Babies R Us and we haven't looked back since!

    Happy Monday! Enjoy the start of your week :)

  2. SUPER cute post!! D what a very big boy you are becoming!!

    The throwing thing....that's just the boy in him. Hate to tell you it doesn't end anytime soon. Just wait until he starts throwing rocks that he finds outside and you are dodging to not get hit by one.

  3. Happy 17 months, D! I hope you have a great Monday! The pictures are great, and D is becoming such a big boy.

  4. Happy 17 month birthday! Too cute for words!

  5. My, oh my...He is a CUTIE PIE!!!!

    I feel a little rhyme-y this morning! :)