We had a spur of the moment trip to Tennessee last weekend.  I mean, so spur of the moment that Justin called me at 9am while I was at D's urologist checkup (which was great, by the way) to tell me that he got the day off after all (after showing up to work with the surprise that someone was there to cover his shift).  D and I made it home by about 9:45, we packed and hit the road by 11:00.  That's a record for us!

And I only forgot one thing....my makeup.  Yeah, it wasn't pretty! Ha!

D was excited about the trip.  He only slept for about 30 minutes of the 3 hour trip and was super silly the rest of the time!

For the first time ever, he enjoyed watching his tv in the car.  Thank goodness!!  Every time we put him in the car he would point at it and say, "dis!"  until we turned it on.  {And for the record, it is ONLY in the car for long trips!}

Since we were actually traveling during the daylight, we took our time and enjoyed the scenery.  Once we hit the Tennessee state line we rolled the windows down to enjoy the fresh air.  Seriously, you can SMELL the difference!  It's so, so good!

We decided to stretch our legs at one of the scenic stops. 

"Hold up!" said D.  "You DO remember that I have a low oxygen saturation, right?!  Don't even think about making me walk all the way up there!"

He was sure that he could guarantee himself a piggy-back ride by taking off his shoes. 

But, it didn't work.

The pictures truly do no justice to the hike.  Most of the hike was in the woods, which you can't see from here.  It was LONG and comparable to at least 20 minutes on the stair climber...straight up!    No kidding!  I didn't take pictures on the way up because I was trying to keep my mind off of how much more there was to climb.  Ha! 

But there was finally an end in sight. 

All that work and this was pretty much all that was at the top!  Obviously a lot of people come up here and hang out.  And no, D didn't carve his name in the bench.  We're not going to encourage that.  I'm sure he'll figure that one out on his own.  :) 
He did enjoy playing on the fence though.

Once we got to Aunt Shirley and Nana's D enjoyed lounging in his jammies and playing with toys.  He especially loved the "cah" case.  I think we'll be looking for one of these for Christmas.  What a cute way for him to travel!

We went to dinner at the second oldest church in Tennessee.  Isn't it adorable?!

We were supposed to meet up with Steph and Kevin on Saturday, but D decided to wake up early Saturday morning throwing up.  He was fine by Saturday afternoon, but we weren't taking any chances taking him out all day.  We missed seeing S&K, but we enjoyed our time with Nana. 
Of course no trip to TN would be complete without a visit to Pal's Sudden Service...at least once!

We're hoping to go back up soon for another visit.  There's NOTHING like seeing the leaves change in the mountains!  This time of year makes me miss the year we lived in Virginia. 

Just out of curiosity...when you travel, do you stop and do the roadside scenic things and make them a fun part of the trip, or do you get there as fast as you can?  I'm thinking my idea of getting there as fast as we can is starting to change...



  1. Looks like a wonderful, spontaneous trip! So glad you got to slow down and enjoy the scenery :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you had such a great trip! Aren't spontaneous trips so fun? :)

  3. LOOKS LIKE FUN!! WE have always done the get there quick approach but I myself like to stop and see the scenery... hubby not so much..
    Rhonda Love the pics as always !

  4. They should put bathrooms at all the scenic stops. THEN we would stop!
    Great pictures!
    Heart hugs,

  5. What a fun little trip! Tennessee is beautiful (never been there) and your little guy is absolutely precious. What a beautiful boy :) Looks like he's doing well! It's always so refreshing to see heart babes enjoying life and doing "normal" stuff.

  6. Where in Tennessee did you go ? I live in Tennessee and it is beautiful , I couldn't imagine living any where else...well except for the summer months , traffic here can be a pain...lol.

  7. What a great photographer you are, impressive!! D is just too precious...what a happy boy. I agree with making the best of a road trip...stopping when you can to take everything in. I love the picture of Derrick relaxing on his Nana, priceless!