(A Better Late Than Never) Eighteen Months!

I'm five days late and I feel terribly guilty.  Things have been haywire around here lately and I feel like I can't keep my head above water.  Between working, trying to get this house in livable order (which it's still really not...to me anyway), running to the doctor (when someone had a 103 degree fever and gave me flashbacks to this time last year (and he was totally fine 8 hours later, just a virus)), cooking dinner (ok, sometimes), and trying to keep up with my now-eighteen-month-old, I have gotten so behind with blogging.  And I'm not happy about it!  This is, after all, our scrapbook of sorts.  

Anyway, I'd been planning to do this update several days ago, but you know I can't do it without pictures.  Well, Derrick has decided that he is completely against having his picture taken and refuses to look at the camera.  Never.  Ever.  So, I've given up.  I'm using the pictures from Trunk-or-Treat Sunday night.  At least they're current, right?!

{I'm only five days late, but} Happy EIGHTEEN months Derrick!!!

I cannot BELIEVE you are ONE AND A HALF!  Wow!!

You weigh 18 pounds 11 ounces now.  Your 6-9 month pants fit great in the waist, the problem is they're pretty serious high waters and I can't stand that!  I'm on a mission to find some baby belts.

You are a ball of fire these days!  You have more energy than I could even wish for and you are ALWAYS on the move!

You absolutely love living out in the country!  You want to go "mow-mide" {outside} and play all the time.  If the door opens you're gone.  You'd walk around in the yard for hours if we would let you.  You get out there and it's like you know exactly what you're supposed to be doing...like you have an agenda or something.  You're always on a mission.

You talk up a storm!  There's nothing you won't try to say.  Most of your words begin with either "M" or "N" sounds.  I'm assuming that's normal??

Some of my favorite things you say right now are "mup deah" {up there}, "back deah" {back there}, "meh-men" {medicine},  "muh moo" {love you....that's my favorite!},  "mama-dada" {when you want both of us at the same time}, "Oocy" {Lucy}, "booga" {booger...you're all boy!}, "bob art" {pop tart}, "no nert" {yogurt}, "be ba" {pizza},  and "nan ney" {candy}.   

When you wake up in the mornings you have to name everything in your room.  You'll name your bed, the wall, your monkey, "dee dee" {your blankie}, the fan, light, and "night night" {your mobile-turned-lamp}.  We have to go through all of these things every morning.  It's so funny! 

You love to throw things.  It is not always fun for us, but apparently it is very fun for you.  You're still throwing your food, which often gets you sent to time out {or "by bout" as you say}.  

You love playing with balls.  You'll say "beh bit!" {catch it} and whoever you're aiming for better watch out.  You have a pretty good arm!

We can no longer have a conversation in the car because you insist on the "muh mik" being turned up very loud.  We usually have to adjust the speakers so they're louder in the back so you can have your "muh mik" up and we can still hear each other.  If a commercial comes on, you immediately say, "Muh mik, muh mik!"  You're the same way if you're near the computer.  You must have "muh mik" and it must be loud!  You are your father's child.

You keep us on our toes, but you keep us laughing non-stop!  Derrick, you are such a funny kid.  We enjoy you so, so much.  You are an amazing little boy and we are so very thankful to have you in our lives. 

To the moon and back, Cheeks!

Mama and Daddy



  1. Dog collars work great for baby/toddler belts. And they have some pretty cute ones! D is the cutest Lion I have ever seen!

  2. Oh, he is the sweetest!!! I love the costume and the vocabulary. So sweet!

    We have always had that same problem with Z's pants. Summer is always ok with shorts but the boy can't be wearing high-waters!!! Have you tried adjustable waist pants? Look for them from Target, Penneys, and Old Navy.

    Heart hugs,

  3. He's so cute. And you and Justin always do a great job on your writing on your blog, I always enjoy reading them. Carol Hinze

  4. Sounds like I need to start teaching him the "I Pie Light" game!!!!!!!! That's still soooo much fun, Shannon. (insert noticable sarcasm??) LOL I love you, Justin, and Baby D!!!

  5. Very cute costume Shannon! I know it is cruddy when they won't look at the camera but I can tell you from looking at D's non-looking at the camera pics that he is STILL a handsome guy.

  6. I love love those pics....the pumpkin pic is priceless..but that last one...omg...is just precious!!!! LOVE YOU D!! You are a handsome guy!! I loved seeing you guys Saturday, especially D even though he wouldn't let me hold him..:( but hey he don't know this strange girl.. haha ..
    Rhonda :)

  7. Adorable as usual, always look forward to seeing and update his wonderful pictures. Hugs from Marilyn

  8. Derrick is absolutely adorable. He is amazing. It is so nice to see him growing up. You are so lucky to have such an amazing little man. Heart Babies really do steal the hearts of the people around them. God gives them a little something extra to make up for the funky little heart stuff. I will keep Derrick in my good thoughts. Thank you for your amazing blog. It has brought a smile to my face many times over. I cant wait till my Aha is old enough so I can share it with him.

  9. Hi Shannon!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Your pictures are fantastic too! Your little guy makes one adorable lion! Love his little sneakers too.

    Nice to meet you in blogland. :)
    Have a great day!

  10. He is so stinkin cute.

    I too had an 18 pound 1 1/2 year old. I can tell you most belts are worthless in that size cause they still don't have hips to hold them up. But the best thing I ever found which I still use now at 3 are pants with an elastic inside the pants. It's kind've hard to describe but the outside of the pants are not elastic, they just look normal, but the insides have elastic sewn in on either side with a button on each side and three or four button holes. That way you can buy on length instead of width and then adjust your own width.

    I think there are a few brands that make their pants this way, although let me tell you there should be more! The one I know for sure has a line of pants this way are "greendog" which is sold at macy's and other places and you can buy online.

    Here is an example (these ones are a good deal too!)

    Apparently it's called an "elastic waistband with functional button." I wish there were a picture of the inside as I'm sure I'm not explaining it right, but trust me you will LOVE them.

  11. I am absolutely in love with his costume. What a cute little guy dressed up as a fierce lion =)