Words for your weekend...

Of course D was not cooperative once the camera was turned on, but here's a sneak peek of what we hear about all day.

When we were watching the video he was talking up a storm. Why do they do that!?

Have a great weekend. We're preparing for the big move on Monday. Wish us luck! :)

And please continue to keep Ewan and Joshie and their families in your prayers!!  They really, really need it right now!



  1. Sooo cute! Wishing you all the best with moving!

    Sue Shelton

  2. They always do that!

    We have figured Reagan out though. If you turn the view finder around so she can see it while she is recording, she loves it!

    Okay, not the most stable picture because we have no idea what we are taping, but at least it is better than the silent treatment!

    He is so cute!!