Ninteen Months

Oh, Cheeky! I'm late again, but you're growing up so quickly that I can't keep up with you. You are NINETEEN MONTHS OLD already!!

You're still sporting your 12 month clothes (which still fall off of you, even the adjustable waist pants) and your size 3 diapers. You weigh 18 lbs, 14.5 oz (still in the zero percentile) and are 31 inches tall (10th percentile). You're still on your own growth curve so we'll take it! :)

You are so full of energy and so busy that it makes me tired just watching you. Sometimes I wonder what on earth we would do if you had 100% oxygen saturation...we'd NEVER keep up with you! Ha!

You repeat EVERYTHING you hear. The other day you were repeating everything Daddy said and when he asked if you were a parrot, you said, "Barrot."

You've been putting two or three words together a lot lately. My favorite is, "Hold you. Me." Last night you said, "Hold you. Couch. Me." You wanted to sit on the couch. It was really cute and so funny!

Andy (or Doodie, our daschound) has moved back inside since it's gotten cold. You LOVE having him inside! You ask about "Doodie" all of the time. You ask for food and water for him by getting his bowl and saying, "Doodie, wah wer, more!" You take such good care of him by making sure he has plenty of water, but I'm pretty sure it's not for his health...it's for your love of playing in his water. You also feed him at least half of everything you have to eat. He loves it, we do not!

You're very polite. You say please and thank you almost all the time.

You've started fake crying.

The other night you stood on your turtle and excitedly knocked a bunch of papers all over the floor. As soon as I saw you and said something to you, you said "Mime out!" (time out) I told you to just pick up the papers because I wasn't going to put you in time out since we had a little conversation about what you had done. When you finished cleaning up your mess, you said, "Mime out," walked over to your time out spot and sat down. Daddy and I were both shocked...and we had to turn our heads so you didn't see us laugh. Who does that?!

You have an obsession with standing and climbing on things. You will stand on something and say, "Sit down!" Although you don't actually sit until someone tells you to do it. You don't listen to yourself.

You run and hide when it's time to change your diaper. Often you can be found beside the couch or in our closet giggling because you think we can't find you. You're so rotten!

You love singing "Ee i ee i oh."

Your favorite time of day is "baff" time.  You get  pretty upset sometimes when it's time to get out.  You ask for a "baff" several times a day.

You enjoy waving at people. You love it when they're not paying attention to you, then you wave at them and get all kinds of attention. I think you purposely choose someone who is busy to try to distract and it usually works.

This cake that you're eating was part of our wedding cake!  Mamaw pulled it out of the freezer the other day when we were at her house and you had to have some.  It's 4 1/2 years old but you ate it like it was baked yesterday.  I didn't taste it...it just couldn't have been very good, but she said it was and so did you!  

Cheeky, I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.  Sometimes I look at you and can't believe you're ours and that you're so big and strong.  You are one amazing little man and we love you more than anything!  We're so thankful for everyday we have with you...even when you're testing your boundaries, which you do quite regularly!  :) 

We love you sweet boy, to the moon and back!
Mama and Daddy



  1. STOP with the cuteness! You are too adorable! Those innocent little eyes- I can't imagine trying to tell that face no. ;) Glad to hear things are going well! Have a great Thanksgiving!! :)

  2. What big amazing eyes he has. So handosme. Nothing wrong with being on your own growth chart, Colin is behind too, but that's okay.

    He is going to be a great big brother!Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Awww, he is gorgeous! It's funny, Bilal used to say 'Hold you' when he wanted to be picked up. Savor these times, they grow up way too fast. I blinked, and my youngest is 4 now!

    I hope everything is going well with your pregnancy!

  4. He is the sweetest little guy, putting himself in time out, you are right who does that?? LOL Im glad that he is doing so good sounds like he will be a great big brother! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. What an adorable little boy!!! I'm so glad he's happy and as healthy as he can be as a 28 year CHD survivor it's wonderful to see him just as energetic as any child is at 19 months and what a sweetie putting himself in "mime out" you are really lucky he has learned to go himself ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. What a cute little fellow !! Hope all of you have a blessed thanksgiving !! My youngest granddaughter, Emerson, has HLHS, and we just got home from the hospital, MUSC, after almost 5 weeks. Emerson had her Fontan, the third surgery and she is 3. She's still recovering, but we feel so very blessed to have her home today!! Connie Toole, EmersonBanksMay,www.carepages.com