20 Months!!

Twenty months.  That sounds so strange!  Where on earth has my baby gone?  

You are one funny, busy little chatterbox and nothing slips by you!

You still weigh right around 19 pounds (we're hoping you've hit the 19 pound mark), you wear 12 month pants (as long as there's an adjustable waistband that's pulled really tight) and can wear from 12-18 month shirts.  You wear a size 4 shoe and a size 3 diaper.  I can happily say that we've gotten our money's worth out of your clothes!

You are quite the talker.  You will repeat anything and everything you hear and you're pretty articulate.  

You have recently started calling yourself "Berrick."  You'll say, "Berrick, noise," or "Berrick, meepy {sleepy}" or whatever/however "Berrick" is feeling at the time.  It's pretty funny.

You can name the sounds of a sheep, dog, cat, horse, pig, and duck.  You've gotten pretty animated with your sounds too.

You love putting things in containers then moving them to another container.  For example, right now you're playing with five wire-nut-cap-things (don't know the technical name for them) and you put them in one cup then into another.  I know that's not the best toy for a boy your age, but we're always watching you when you have them and you've never been a put-it-in-your-mouth kind of kid anyway.  We've always had to force you to put things in your mouth.  They're pretty big too.  But I promise, we're watching!

You love sitting by the Christmas tree playing with your toys.  You'll go behind the tree and play and not make a sound.  It reminds me of when I was growing up...I used to sit beside the Christmas tree and do my homework or talk on the phone.  I'm glad you love the glow and the coziness of the tree.  :)

You LOVE Inspector Gadget!  We found an Inspector Gadget book that was daddy's when he was a boy and we have to read it every night.  I think that's the only book we've read at bedtime for at least three weeks.  When we say it's bedtime you say, "Gadget! read!"  Every night.  You point out Gadget, Brain, Penny and the bad guy.  I have no idea why you love it so much.  Daddy excitedly ordered you a dvd of about 30 episodes of Gadget and was so happy that it came on Saturday.  He was really excited to sit down and watch it with you.  Needless to say, he was pretty disappointed that you showed no interest after the theme song.  Poor daddy.  You just have no interest in tv. (Which makes me very happy!  Other than daddy being disappointed about Gadget, of course.)

You went into church with us yesterday.  We weren't sure how that would turn out since you haven't been in church since you were just a little guy.  We were so impressed with how quiet and still you were!  You loved the music!!  Maybe we'll start taking you in more often.  

You are a meat eater!  You would rather have meat than anything else.  We went to Taco Bell a couple of weeks ago and ordered you a chili cheese burrito and you scarfed down half of it!  That is SO unlike you, but you LOVED it!  You also love Chick-fil-a.  You will eat about two nuggets and an entire container of Chick-fil-a sauce.  You love the "bip" {dip} there.  (And it has a REDICULOUS amount of fat and calories so we let you have it!)  I'm not sure why, but you eat much better when we're at some fast food restaurant.  I guess you don't like my cooking. Ha!

For the most part you are a really good listener.  When we ask you to do something or not do something, you usually listen.  You haven't really messed with the Christmas tree, but you have been caught several times trying to unwrap presents.  

Your daddy and I think you are the funniest kid ever.  I'm sure all parents think their kid is the funniest, but we really think you are!  You keep us on our toes but we're usually laughing too!  (Sometimes I get in trouble for laughing at you but I just can't help it!)  When things slow down for a second and you're playing all by yourself, sometimes I watch you and could just cry about how quickly you've grown up already.  You're not a little baby anymore and that makes me both happy and sad at the same time.  You're a sweet, sensitive, amazing little man.  We love every single second we have with you, Cheeks, and wouldn't trade it for the world.  

To the moon and back...

Mama and Dada

My goodness, the difference a year makes!



  1. Happy 20 Months "Berrick"!! Too cute!! I loved reading this update Shannon and hearing all of the things D is into now. Still lovin' his buzz cut. He could fit in around here. Both my boys received buzz cuts last week. I was so over combing hat hair.

    I remember those days quietly watching Logan play and trying not to cry. It is amazing how very fast they grow up. They are our little miracles!!

  2. Awwwww- 20 months old already! You're going to be 2 before your mommy and daddy know it! :) I absolutely ADORE that last picture of him- so gorgeous. :) Happy holidays!! :)