Cookies! Peace!

Lately when Derrick has been getting sleepy he's started saying that he needs to eat. We had just finished dinner last night and he was sitting on my lap (apparently getting sleepy) when he started saying, "Neet. Nungry! Neet."

I laughed and told him I knew he wasn't hungry. (This is a before bedtime and nap time ritual he has...and he never takes more than a bite or two.) He looked at me and said, "Neet. Cookies! Cookies! Peace!"

He kept on and on and wouldn't let it go, so I called Justin at work so Derrick could request that he bring home some cookies. D got on the phone with Justin and said, "Cookies, cookies, peace!"

We hung up and Derrick continued to play with the phone. He got off my lap and walked to the other side of the room when he started talking again. I looked and he was sitting on the floor with the phone up to his ear saying, "Cookies, peace! Cookies, peace!"

Someone remind me NOT to teach him his daddy's work number!

I think we've created a monster!



  1. That is TOO cute :) You're little guy is adorable. Happy holidays.


  2. You've created a monster alright --- a COOKIE MONSTER!
    Big heart hugs,