Poor Santa!

We went to see Santa again this year.  Someone didn't like him.

At. All.
Poor Santa!  He really did try!

This was the closest D would let him get and you can see that he was not even interested with Justin holding him. 
Santa told us he would love him next year.  We'll see!



  1. I just think the screaming kids with Santa are great-funny pictures that you can laugh at for years to come. Hopefully he will love him next year!

  2. Santa looks pretty thrilled in the first two photos too. LOL!!! Oh D!!! The crying Santa pics are priceless. My mom has one with me and my brother when we were very little. I was grinning from ear to ear and my brother was SCREAMING, red beat faced and all. PRICELESS gem!! We all laugh about it every year when mom gets it out. I am sure D will feel the same about his pic some day too!

  3. At least you tried! I'm the bad mommy that knows it's not worth it...seriously, we haven't been since Wyatt was Derrick's age. HA! Wyatt still won't get near him but he sure does love all the goodies he brings. So, we just write letters each year.

    And, by the way, the kit lens looks good!

  4. Awwww!! We had a similar experience this year. :)

  5. Derrick's picture looks a LOT like Kaidence's picture this year!
    But, I think they will be a great thing to hold onto and put out when they are teenagers ;)

  6. Santa needs a raise:) Danielle