A Big Boy Bed!

Saturday night D made a big move!  He was loving the bed all day Saturday, but when bedtime came he was a little nervous.  (Although he wasn't nearly as nervous as his mama and daddy!)

He was sure to take care of all of the important things before settling down for bed.  He blew his nose...

"Ugged" his monkeys and doggie night night,

and waved good-night to us.

He was such a big boy that he didn't even want to read Gadget before getting in bed!  He knew something was going on, and when Justin gave him bedtime kisses his little bottom lip started to quiver  but he never cried!
He didn't, but I did!  Oh, I can't believe how quickly he's growing up!

D went right to bed and didn't make a sound.  He was sound asleep when we went to check on him before going to bed ourselves, and when we went in to get him Sunday morning...

He was still snoozing away!

D woke up a happy man,

told us all about his big boy sheets,

and looked pretty rested from his first night as a BIG BOY!

Where, oh where, did my little baby go?



  1. Awwwwww! It's hard watching those little guys grow up! {{{HUG}}} I know how you feel.

    Honestly Shannon I think D looks much more grownup in this update too!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe it!! That must have been a hard night for Mommy and Daddy. :) You are getting too big too fast Derrick!! :)

  3. So cute! What a huge step for BOTH of you!

  4. Congrats on hitting such a big milestone! And I know I say this all the time, but seriously, that kid is SOSOSOSOSO cute!!!

  5. Awwww, such a big boy! I'd get teary too! I wish our kiddos weren't in such a hurry to grow up!

  6. Oh, Derrick, you ARE such a big boy now! I love your big boy bed and sheets! Good boy for sleeping all night! Keep it up! (Tell your mama she'll soon have another baby for the crib so don't be too sad! Ha!)

  7. Thanks for sharing this milestone. Don't blink he will grow some more. Give the big boy an extra hug. He is so precious.
    Marilyn U

  8. That story was so good...have you thought about writing book on this topic? It would be a best seller for sure!!!!! Mamaw & Papaw

  9. Shannon, I *love* all your pictures and stories and 'watching' your family grow! So glad I am on your list!
    with love & prayers, Mary Beth & Tim (Wachovia)

  10. THanks for your comment on my blog :-) The coffee maker is a Tassimo - it is awesome and the discs you need for the coffee you can get at Walmart and I'm sure Target carries some as well - plus they sell them online through the Tassimo site for the same price (Plus shipping) if you can't find them anywhere.

    Thanks for the camera info - I was looking at a Canon Rebal but am seeing more Nikon's out there too so I think I'll have to research that one before I buy ..

    I really enjoy your blog too! Your son is adorable, your store is amazing and I pray for your family in my quiet time throughout the week.

  11. On a differant note - thanks for posting about the transition to the big boy bed - my oldest is just past two and still in his crib - I know that by the end of the summer we will be moving him to his big boy bed too so it has helped to see what you did, and how the first night went :-)

  12. He is SUCH a cutie!! And so grown up!! Glad he did well with his big boy bed =)