Our Girl

Thanks for all of the congrats on our baby girl and her little heart!  I cannot tell you how incredible it was to see that four chambered heart on the ultrasound screen!  As soon as the ultrasound tech found her heart we both knew exactly what it was before she even said anything!  

It was kind of funny because I've never seen a four chambered heart on an ultrasound before.  (D's heart..I can't even describe to you what it looks like on an ultrasound, it's so crazy.) I told Justin later that I thought that her heart looked like a bell pepper with the top cut off.  He always says I have strange food associations, but actually agreed with this one.  So if you've never seen a fetal heart in an ultrasound, imagine this bell pepper in black and white and on the fan-shaped screen, and there you go!

It felt like we watched her heart beat for a few minutes.  Justin and I were both in tears when we saw it.  I asked the tech if she would please print out a picture of her heart for us and she could tell I was crying.  (Seriously, I'm such a cryer!)  She said, "Of course, honey!"  :)  You just can't take for granted those sweet little hearts, and she probably realized that at that moment. 

And just so you can see it again (and see the bell pepper association)...
This picture isn't the greatest, but when we could see it beating, you could clearly see the division of all of the chambers.  :)

Anyway, while it was wonderful to hear great news about her heart from the OB, we still desperately need to hear good news from Dr. Shuler (the cardiologist).  On D's next cardiologist visit, which is Feb. 8th, he'll see our little girl too.  He'll do a fetal echo and really look at the details of her little heart.  He'll check the blood flow and all of the valves and arteries that he can see.  It will be as nitty-gritty and detailed as it can be on a heart that's inside my belly and incredibly tiny.  The heart of a full-term newborn is only the size of a walnut and she's the length of a banana right now, so you can imagine how little her heart is.  It still blows my mind that they can tell anything about a fetal heart!

So we're not out of the woods yet, but we feel much, much better that at least the really, really big stuff has formed.  Keep this girl in your prayers please!

So, in case you'd like to be able to pray for her by name, her name is
Jenny Kate

Those of you who have been reading here for a while may remember me mentioning "Jenny" before, but I'll share more about that soon.  It's a very, very special name.

We've been busy trying to get Derrick's big boy room together, and once we finish it we'll start working on a nursery.  I can't wait to finish his room.  I think it's going to be so cute.  But not cutesy cute, big boy cute.  :)  Right now he calls it "daddy's bedroom" because Justin has been spending so much time in it.  Ha!  We'll definitely let him show it off to you once it's complete.  
Derrick has no idea that he's going to be a big brother, although he does talk about Jenny Kate.  He'll say, "baby, work."  He thinks anyone that is not at our house is at work.  (Is that sad? :)  He randomly says that, but I know he has no concept of what's going to happen.  He knows there's a baby in my tummy and he knows what babies are when he sees them or hears them cry.  That's about it.

However, he did seem pretty excited to play with Jenny Kate's 'little sister' shirt when we took pictures the other day. He kept tucking her shirt under his chin and trying to play with his toys.  It was pretty funny!



We're out to enjoy the rest of our snow day!  Sure hope the power doesn't go out!  Yikes!!  Did you get snow today?   



  1. That picture of D with the ball and his sissy's shirt, adorable! Still SO excited for you to have a baby GIRL, but will be praying for your appt. for the fetal echo. That Jenny Kate's heart will be perfect, and that you will be washed of all worry.

    can't wait to hear the good news next month!

  2. Aww- I had tears in MY eyes reading about your ultrasound. :) I'm so so so happy for you guys. And Jenny? What a great name! ;) Congratulations again and we'll keep the prayers comin' for continued good news with the cardio! (((HUGS))

  3. Continued prayers for your new little Jenny! Hugs!

  4. Hello :)

    I am a friend of Michelle Hagerott (Zachy's mom in Kansas) and have become friends with Rebecca Butcher through blogland. I check in on your blog every once in a while and just wanted to say "hi" and also congratulations on your exciting news! I have an "Emily Kate" and so I love the name! Congratulations again on the 4 chambered heart... if I ever get to see another sonogram, I can promise you I'll be remembering this bell pepper picture :)

    Danielle Holtzman

  5. So, I totally thought of a bell pepper when I saw your ultrasound picture the first time, too!! Those four chambers are a lovely sight, indeed.

    Prayers for you and sweet Jenny Kate (love the name, by the way)!

  6. You are so not strange! I have thought that many times myself!...now, that may be strange?!?!

    I told you!!!!! Isn't the most beautiful thing? :)

    Love her name...can't wait to know more about it!

  7. WE just had our fetal echo today and you are right it does look very much like that. Just wanted to say congrats on both your baby girl and a healthy heart! How many weeks are you? I'm 22 weeks.