Happy Heart Day!!

Obviously today is Valentine's Day, but it also happens to be CHD Awareness DAY!

Last week was CHD Awareness Week and I must be the worst heart mom ever because I never got a thing posted on our blog about it. I feel terrible. I started several blog posts and an updated slide show but never finished any of them.  Maybe I'll finish them soon....

The week was spent recovering from the breakfast in Irmo and gearing up for the breakfast in Easley. I'm *hoping* that we spread some awareness through Hope for BraveHEARTS with the almost 400 people we served breakfast to over those two Saturday mornings! So it's not that I don't care because I really, really do!!! It's that y'all, I'm tired! Ha!

Happy HEART Day!

Kiss your sweeties and tell someone about Congenital Heart Defects!!  



  1. I cheated this week and just kept linking to other blogs that were doing a great job for CHD-week. Next year I will plan more in advance!!!

    D is such a cutie! Thank you for bringing HFB to Easley!!

  2. Cute update Shannon! OK, so I don't believe that you didn't do anything for CHD Awareness Week because your pancake breakfast counts. You were in fact spreading awareness that way! :)

    Love the pics of D!

  3. Shannon you spread awareness year-round with your blog, and Hope for Bravehearts! Give yourself a break! Love the pic's as always!

  4. You are always bringing awareness, plus you have precious cargo aboard and by your side that keeps you busy. Take care and God Bless Marilyn

  5. I love those pictures!! And I know you are one dedicated momma to do what you do for Hope for BraveHearts!! Hope you are doing well!