Justin told me from the very beginning to never expect flowers on any holiday. He said that if he wanted to give me flowers it would be because he wanted to, not because it was "the thing to do."

We've been together for almost six years and I've gotten flowers once.  Right before he moved to Virginia, 8 hours away.

Imagine my surprise when he walked with these beauties on Valentine's night.

Totally blew my mind.

My absolute favorite flower.

I have SO enjoyed looking at these sitting on our kitchen table every day. There's something about fresh flowers that livens up a room.

And makes my heart smile. But so does he.



  1. Those are beautiful, he told me he was going to go try and find them and he did. Doesn't the babysitter get flowers too? Ha ha!!!!!! Carol

  2. Wow, he did great! Nice job hubby!

  3. I love the Tulips - they are my favorite flower and your photos are incredible! Isn't it nice when those men surprise us?? LOL Thanks for the comments on my blog too!!

  4. They are beautiful! I think he's a keeper :-D

  5. You go girl!! Justin you did good!! :)