Twenty-Two Months!!

First, congrats Jackie Koll!  You're the spring fever winner! :)  Email me and I'll get your gift certificate to you. :)


Oh my, my how time flies! As I say every month, I can't believe you're already another month older Derrick! 

You have been a super busy guy this past month and you're becoming such a big boy.

The biggest "big boy" thing you've done recently is move to your big boy bed.  You love it!  You will say, "Derrick, sleepy.  Big boy bed."  

You enjoy choosing between your bumble bee and your puppy pillow pal to sleep on each time you get in your bed.  You'll say "This one.  Pillow," and and pick one.  I don't think either of them are a favorite, it just depends on which side of the bed you want to sleep on I guess. 

You just woke up from your nap (I hear you over the monitor) and you said, "DD, take it.  Downstairs. Derrick get out too."  That means you're ready to get up!  You haven't gotten out of your bed yet.  You always wait for us to come get you, which is a huge relief because we were worried that you'd get out of bed and get confused or upset and we'd have to go put you back in bed.  Nope, not yet at least!

Today I had to help in the nursery at church.  I wasn't sure how you would do with me in there, but you did pretty well...until I picked up a baby!  You had a FIT!  Oh, we are in for it once Jenny Kate gets here, I'm sure of it!  You were fine as long as I wasn't holding anyone, but any time I walked near the baby you would say, "Mommy, sit down." or "Hold you!"  Jealous boy! :)
You've become quite the climber.  You'll climb on anything and everything with absolutely no fear.  

You have LOVED this nice 70 degree weather we've had lately.  You want to be outside all the time and get mad when we can't stay outside.

You're such a talker.  You have so much to say and you say it pretty well.  You're not nearly as talkative when we're not at home, but you'll still get your point across.  

We go to Bible study at church every Friday morning and you love it.  You love to go play with your friends.  It's so cute to hear you talk about them after we leave.  Every Thursday night I tell you that we're going to play with friends tomorrow, and on Friday morning you'll wake up saying, "Play, friends.  Morrow."  So cute!

You are obsessed with balloons.  

You enjoy kicking balls.  You'll say "Kick it, soccer ball," even if it's a balloon you're kicking.  You love anything to do with balls, which makes me a little sad for you sometimes. 

You are purely a carnivore.  You want nothing to do with anything that is not a meat (or candy).  You've actually been a pretty terrible eater lately, but the only thing we can get you to eat is meat (well, and candy).  
You can identify red, blue, and green.

You LOVE to "paint."  You carry around a paintbrush all the time and love pushing the paint roller around on the floor.  We have to be super careful when there's an open paint can around because you want so badly to slap some paint on something.

You can accurately name the compressor, screwdriver, caulk and hammer.  Can you tell we've been busy with projects around here lately??

You can tell us when there is two of something.  You walked up to daddy and said, "Two rollers," and you had one in each hand.  You've done that many times so you definitely understand what two of something means.

You also use "too" a lot and correctly.  {And don't worry, you'll be able to spell them correctly too!  We'll make sure of that! :)}

You are a chocolate milk drinker guzzler now.  You no longer drink white milk, it's chocolate all the way!  (Extra calories, yay!)

You said, "I love you too" to daddy tonight.  Not "Muh moo," but clearly every word.  

Oh sweet boy, I can't believe you're only two months away from being TWO!  You're growing up entirely too fast!  Daddy and I both love watching you grow and learn and you amaze us every single day.  We laugh so much at the things you do and say and wish we could just freeze time and keep you just like this forever.  You are such a sweet little man and we love you more than we could ever explain.

To the moon and back, Cheeks!

Mama and Daddy




  1. First, your pictures are amazing. At least yours eats meat - mine eats fruit snacks. And chocolate chips. And he guzzles chocolate milk too LOL

    Such wonderful memories - thanks for sharing :-)

  2. He is so cute and SO SMART! Enjoy every second of him...and it's obvious that you do :)

    Kati, Rocky, Evan and Brycen

  3. It's almost party time, D!!!! Tell your beautiful momma that we love your updates! You are such a handsome little 22 month old!