There are two little boys that have been on my heart for the past few days.  One of them, Andrew, had heart surgery last week and is doing fantastic!  So fantastic, in fact, that he's on his way home right now after only four days in the hospital!  Isn't that simply amazing?!

The other little guy is our friend Parker.  He's a "real life" friend that we love SO MUCH!  I've mentioned him here several times before and I'm really hoping all of you prayer warriors will help him out.  Parker has had a really high fever (104~ish) for the past TEN days.  They can't figure out what's causing the fever and when they can get it down, it spikes back up again pretty quickly.  He's gone through all kinds of tests to no avail.  This little guy really needs a break, and so do his mama and daddy! 

Please pray for both of these boys!
And speaking of boys...Have I mentioned how much I love these two boys?



  1. Prayers are going out to Andrew and Parker!

    I love the pics of "your boys"!!! Precious!

  2. Sending prayers up for Parker and praises up for Andrew. D is so stinking adorable. Love these pics.

  3. Thanks, Shannon! It is amazing to us how well Andrew did and how fast we got home! We never wore half our clothes or did many of the activities we brought to occupy Andrew! Ha! Oh well, I'll be doing them at home the next 6 weeks! Thanks again for mentioning Andrew on your blog!


  4. I love your pictures of your boys!!

  5. I'll be praying for Andrew and Parker. I hope they can find out what is wrong with Parker soon so it can be fixed.

    I love the pictures of "your two boys". They are great!