A Taste of Summer

First of all, our little friend Aly is having her Fontan surgery today. {This is the third surgery in the line-up for single ventricle kids...the one Derrick faces next.} Please keep Aly and her family and doctors in your prayers!

We've had some beautiful weather here the past several days and have enjoyed spending lots of time outside.  We decided to introduce D to the (under about 12 years old) summertime staple...


He was in love.

He didn't want any help eating his "pop...sicle" for fear that he was going to lose his prize.  

I think we've found a winner.  

Now if we can just figure out how to beef up the calories in these bad boys!  



  1. Love the pics! Ya, if only the sold the packaging, we could make our own "calorie dense" popsicles...thatd' be great!!

  2. Cute pics of D and his Popsicle! Our kids love them too...even in the freezing winter months.

  3. Super cute! We are so excited for summertime!

  4. How fun!! I have to strip my boys to diapers because they become so sticky - he is so neat :-)