Thank You & Happy 23 Months Derrick!!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!  My birthday is actually Sunday, so Justin did a good job, right?!  :)  I think he's definitely a keeper!  He bought me a black balloon the other day that said "Stop Counting!"  He loves to rub it in that I'm a whole nine months older than he is.  Especially this time since I'm in a whole different decade!  That's ok though, thirty is the new twenty, right? Ha! 

I also want to thank you all so much for all of the comments and emails about Jenny.  I think I cried more on that day this year than I have on any of the anniversaries since she's been gone.  She's a special girl and I'm so happy to have another special girl to carry on her name.  Thank you so much for the love and support that you've shown me.  Every one of you is such a blessing!

And speaking of blessings...

This is the LAST "month birthday" for this sweet little blessing!  Yes, I'm late.  The last one and I couldn't even be on time!  I was holding off because I wanted to get some pictures, however D was running a fever for four days and wasn't himself so he was not about to cooperate for any photo shoots!  He's finally been fever-free for two days and back to his old self....but we haven't had time for good pics so we'll just do pictures another time.  I'll give him a break which I'm sure he won't mind!


I cannot BELIEVE you are going to be TWO in less than a month.  I seriously cannot believe it.  Where has the time gone? 

This was the best I could get from a little guy who didn't feel so good.  Doesn't he look sad?  For the record, HE wanted to go outside!

One reason the months have flown by so quickly is because you are SO busy!  You've gotten pretty difficult to keep up with.

You have a new love for "Go, Diego, Go!" and want to watch him all of the time.  You can't understand why Diego isn't on TV anytime we turn it on.

You love to blow bubbles!

I was looking back at your 11 month update to see how different things were one year ago.  I was surprised to see that you're not a whole lot bigger than you were last year at this time.  You've gained a whole four pounds this year, putting you at right over nineteen pounds now.  You're still wearing the same size 3 diapers too.  You do look older though! 

I was going through your summer clothes from last year and was surprised when I put some of them on you.  Your shorts from last year, which are size 6-9 months, STILL FIT!  And really, you could be wearing your belt with them.  So, my 23 month old, you can still wear your 6-9 month shorts and still have plenty of room in them.  Makes me a little happy (you keep our clothing budget down), but a little sad too.  

You can name all (five) of the dogs and know which one is which.  You can call out all of their names even when you're not looking at them.

You may be small on the outside, but that brain of yours isn't lagging behind at all!  Ha!  You can pretty much say whatever you want to say.  There are a few words here and there that we can't figure out but you can communicate quite well.  There are new words every day and I can't even begin to list them.

Some of your favorite things to say are, "What's that?"  "Who's that?"  and, "What's ____ say?" (Wanting to know the noise that whatever you're talking about makes.)

You tell DD that you love him all of the time.  You'd much rather say, "DD, I love you," than tell us that.  I think you do that on purpose, but you do LOVE DD! 

I think we may be entering the "terrible twos."  You have become quite opinionated and want things to be done exactly your way.  If they're not or if they're not done in a timely fashion, you are not afraid to let everyone know that you're not pleased.  You quickly fake cry or whine and sometimes throw in the foot stomping.  Not cool, Cheeks!

You don't want help with most things and always say, "Derrick do it!"  If we try to help you with anything you get mad.  Unless you don't feel like even trying, then you are quick to say, "Mommy (or Daddy) do it."  {Great example would be when you don't want to pick up your toys. :)} 

You have become kind of a terrible eater again lately.  Today was better, but it's been a little rough for the past few weeks.  I have no idea how you sustain yourself on bites of food each day.  If it weren't for sausage, Cheese-Its, and Greek yogurt we'd be in big trouble!

You can now take your enalapril, (your liquid heart medicine) by yourself.  We pull it up in the syringe and you put it in your mouth and push the plunger.  You're totally self sufficient taking both the aspirin and enalapril.  All we have to do is get it out for you.  That accomplishment makes me proud because you can do it (and actually get it all in your mouth), but it makes me sad too.  I kind of think it's sad that my 23 month old can take all of his medicine by himself and actually reminds us that it's time for it!  I guess it's all about what you're used to, huh?  That's all you've ever known. 

You've started calling yourself "Baby Derrick" and putting a binky in your mouth.  You haven't had a binky since you were about six months old, but we found one in some of your toys and you've been playing with it.  I have no idea where the "Baby Derrick" thing came from.  I hope you're not planning on reverting back to a baby once Jenny Kate comes!    

Derrick, you seem like such a big boy lately.  Your daddy and I are amazed every single day at the new things you say and do.  You are so funny and so much fun!  You're a busy, opinionated little boy but you sure know how to melt our hearts.  Those big hugs and sloppy wet kisses, especially when they're followed by an "I love you," get us every time.  We love you more than anything and we're so proud of you.  But please, can you slow down a little!?  :)

We love you Cheeks...to the moon and back!

Mommy and Daddy



  1. I love all of D's "month updates"! He looks so much like a "little boy" compared to his 11 month picture!!!

    I'm so glad he is feeling better!

  2. Awww! Good for you for keeping up with these updates! I tried with Aly but I think I puttered out somewhere around 18 months. :( He is getting so big- and I'm a little nervous to hear about the terrible twos setting in. Aly is just a few months younger than Derrick so I always look to these updates as a sign of times to come- not sure I'm happy about the terrible twos. ;)

  3. He's is too cute! Terrible two's, aren't they fun! Colin turns 2 in 1.5 weeks, but we have been hitting those tanturms for about a month now. :)

    So glad to see him progressing as well as he is, his size will catch up, or at least that's what I have convinced myself about Colin!

  4. We so look forward to Derrick's updates! He is completely adorable and SO smart!

    I have also had two of my four children who ate just like Derrick and you know what? They grew up in spite of it all :) He looks GREAT!!

    Kati, Rocky, Evan & Brycen

  5. Happy Birthday in advance! As a mom of three kids I'm sure you'll have a blast with those terrible twos! Derrick is cute as ever!

  6. Great update! Hopefully you'll have a "terrific two's" on your hands! ;)

  7. D is so stinkin' cute! I love that you cal him cheeks, so sweet! Madison is very independant too, her favorite thing to say is "I can do it myself". What a great present to get a little sister after you turn 2! He will be a great big bro! Hope you are feeling well Shannon!
    xo, Shannon

  8. What an adorable little man. The eating thing is stressful, but like you said, at least there are a few things he likes that you can count on! We are just now entering the world of table food and I am SCARED! So fun to see the monthly updates. They help me on what's to come for Field! :)

  9. Happy Birthday, Shannon! What a blessed mom and wife you are with your two men and little girl on the way. That's how I've been feeling lately, overwhelmed with gratitude for my family!

    I hope you're feeling relatively well still. I can't believe how quickly May is coming and how soon we'll meet our new little girls!

    Love, Jesse