Derrick....on Praying

On the way home from bible study this morning I heard Derrick talking but couldn't catch exactly what he was saying. I thought I heard him say, "Amen," but I wasn't 100% sure because he insists on having the radio blasting.

We pulled into the driveway and turned off the car and I heard him say, "Safely."

I asked him again what he said and he looked at me and put his little hands together then said, "Dear Jesus, thank you and bring daddy home safely. Amen! Mommy, you pray." 

Wow. Just when I think he's not getting anything out of what we're saying, when he seems to be too busy to hear anything and doesn't seem to care even if he does, He proves me so wrong. Thank you Jesus for this sweet boy who has taught me more about You than I ever dreamed possible!



Big Day "Gonuts"

Derrick's birthday turned out to be an interesting one. We had plans to go to Krispy Kreme again this year then do some shopping and a few fun things on that side of town.  

As we were heading out the door we had a slight change in plans.  

I was standing in the doorway that leads out of the kitchen into the garage, and apparently Derrick decided he was in a hurry and needed to go ahead of me.  {I think} I tried to avoid knocking him over and lost my balance.  My foot got caught in the door jam and I went flying forward, into the garage.  Thankfully I caught myself with my hand and my knee, but I heard my foot pop on the way down.  Poor Justin about had a heart attack watching the whole ordeal from behind!  I sat on the garage floor for a few minutes, reasurring a nervous Justin that I didn't hit my stomach and a crying Derrick that 'mommy was ok'.  I wasn't in a great deal of pain so we got in the car and headed to Krispy Kreme. 

After all, it was my little guy's second birthday!

Seriously, the smell of this place is heaven on earth!
 We picked out our fresh dozen and sat down to enjoy them.

Someone was VERY excited to be eating "Gonuts!"  

 He picked his daddy's favorite....sprinkles!

 The sprinkles threw him off a little at first,
 but not for long!
Oh, so yummy "gonuts!"


Yay for Birthday Gonuts!

And WAY too much sugar for an already super energetic boy!!

When we left D said, "Derrick like Krispy Kreme!"

I'm so thankful that D only turned two this year because after we left Krispy Kreme our plans were over.  I couldn't stand walking on my foot and we had to cancel the rest of our day.  D went home to stay with Mamaw and Justin and I headed to the orthopedist.  

Thirty years and I've never had more than a slightly sprained ankle that never required a visit to the doctor.  

Thirty-five weeks pregnant + D's birthday = fractured foot.   

Let's just say it helped cross things off the spring break to-do list and made D's party planning a little more work for everyone (except me, of course!).  The timing stinks, that's for sure.  But in reality, timing stinks for something like that no matter when it is.  It could have been really ugly...Jenny Kate is fine and so is Derrick.  To keep my babies safe I'll hop around for as long as I have to.  

I'm happy this boy enjoyed his morning and has no idea that we'll have to finish celebrating his last birthday as an only child in about six weeks...with a little sister in tow!   

More birthday fun coming soon! :)



Happy 2nd Birthday Derrick!!!


You are two years old today.

Wow.  My BABY is two years old.  That just sounds crazy to me.  That will take some getting used to, that's for sure!

I can't believe that these first two years have gone by so quickly, but at the same time, I can hardly remember life before you were born.  April has become somewhat of an emotional month for me since you were born.  Knowing your birthday is here reminds me of all of the hurdles you've been through and all that you still face.  But it also reminds me of how very precious life is.  It reminds me of how your daddy and I have been given such an amazing gift in you and how we have learned to fully rely on God to take control of your life.  Because really, none of it is in our hands.

When we went into the hospital on the Sunday night before you were born, the only thing I was focused on was hearing your cry.  Hearing you cry immediately meant you were breathing on your own, and to me, that meant you had a chance to fight.  I didn't care what I had to go through to get you here, I just wanted you here and I wanted you safe.  I prayed and prayed that you would be able to hold your own, that I could hear your cry, and that I would be able to see you before they took you away from me. 

Laboring with you was a roller coaster.  Your heart rate kept dropping and we were literally 30 seconds away from an emergency c-section when you decided you were ready to face this on your own.  (That should have been a sign right then of the independent little boy you would become.)  I remember holding my breath once I knew you were coming.  I couldn't take another breath until I heard you cry.  To this day, it's still the sweetest sound I've ever heard.  I had a peace wash over me, letting me know that you were going to be ok.

Your daddy went with a team of about ten doctors and nurses to get you cleaned up and monitored.  He came back a few minutes later to show me your face on the camera screen because I didn't get to see you once you were born.  That picture of your little face made it all worth it.  I finally got to see you and touch your tiny hand about an hour later.  It was perfect, and so were you.  You made me a mommy, Cheeks.  There's nothing better than that.

The first year of your life was filled with surgeries, procedures, doctor visits and therapists, but this year has been very "normal."  You have had the pleasure of just being a little boy.  No surgeries, no ambulance rides, no hospital stays, no twice a month scheduled visits to the doctor, no therapies and no strange procedures.  You go to well visits at the pediatrician's office and your three month visits to the cardiologist.  That's it.  You've been a "normal" little boy and we couldn't be more thankful! 

You love to do all things boy!  Being outside is your absolute favorite thing to do!  You also love cars and all types of balls.  You love to get dirty and you really love to play in the water...especially if it's the dogs' water.  You love to take walks through the woods and just soak it all in.

Sometimes when I'm watching you play or hear your contagious laughter, or when I'm putting you to bed and we're "rock minute," I'm overwhelmed with tears.  You are an incredible little boy and I am so blessed to be your mommy.  I have enjoyed these past two years more than I have ever enjoyed anything in my life.  I hope you know how much I love you.

While I wish so badly that I could stop time, I also can't wait to watch you grow up and see what's in store for you.  I hope you have big dreams Cheeks, because I know God has big plans for you.  I hope you follow Him closely and I hope that you realize what amazing work He has done in your life.  Once again, you've made it to a milestone that many babies like you don't get to meet, and I hope that humbles you.  I hope you never, ever forget about the chances you've been given.  You're not lucky, Derrick.  You're blessed.  My birthday wish for you is that you will bless others with the life you've been given.

Happy birthday sweet boy.  I love you....to the moon and back.


Its Daddy's turn!

First of all, Happy Birthday buddy!  I cannot believe that you are already two years old.  It seems just like yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting your arrival in Charleston.  Before you know it I will anxiously be awaiting for you to come back home from your first time driving.  That may seem like a stretch from two to driving but you will understand someday (never thought I would say those words, sorry mom and dad).  You have gotten so big.  I cannot believe how INDEPENDENT you have become.  I love that you like to do things for yourself but sometimes you get a little crazy upset when things don't go your way.

Let's see what you have been up to.  You are definitely my child in that you LOVE to listen to VERY loud music.  Anytime I am painting (which seems to be ALWAYS) we both love to turn it up.  You love to "ride Blue Car".  I think you like to ride with me better because of how I push you really hard and let you go down the hill (don't tell mommy that I let go and run beside you).  You are so observant.  You seem to pay attention to everything.  You have really begun to love climbing.  I especially enjoy turning my head for two seconds to see what new places you have conquered (the top of the table, playing with chapstick in our bedroom window sill,....).  You are pretty fascinated with spray paint.  We have been preparing for your birthday and seem to be spraying everything.  You were sitting in the garage with THREE cans of spray paint in your lap trying to get the tops off.  Again, do you see the two second theme.  You love for daddy to play guitar on your guitar.  You especially love when I act insane and sing the hot dog song from Mickey Mouse (did I just tell everyone that?).

I have beyond enjoyed these two years.  You make me a better person.  You teach me daily that life is too precious to get stuck on the bad things.  While I would NEVER choose for you to have your "special heart,"  I would not change how it has affected our lives.  Happy Birthday big buddy!!!  I love you more than you will ever know.




35 Weeks and an Egg Hunt!

Thirty five weeks.  Whoa!  

Only FIVE weeks left before the little Miss gets here.  I seriously cannot believe it!  Every single thing about this pregnancy has been so different (thank you Jesus!) including how quickly it's gone by!  It sure does make a difference when you're chasing a toddler around.  :)

We went to the doctor today to check on Jenny Kate.  We're to the once a week appointments now.  They said her little heart sounds perfect and I'm 1 cm dilated.  We'll go next Wednesday for another check-up and we'll get to see her sweet face!  They're doing an ultrasound to see how big she is...I'm hoping she's not a 10 pounder!  Derrick's seven pounds was PLENTY for me! :)

I'm on spring break this week and Justin has taken the week off so we can finish up the never-ending to-do list before Jenny Kate arrives.  We were able to accomplish quite a bit last weekend because Derrick spent the night with Mamaw and Papaw last Friday night.  His first night away!  He's growing up so fast!

And speaking of growing up....

My baby boy will be TWO on Wednesday!  I cannot believe it!  It still hasn't hit me, and it probably won't until his party on Saturday.  It's so hard to believe that another year has gone by and it's time for his birthday again!  

On Sunday we went to the Easter egg hung at church. 
Derrick had fun

finding a few eggs.

But once he realized there was CANDY inside,

he was finished.

He had had enough of that searching for eggs stuff,

some candy was all he was after!  He doesn't quite "get" the egg hunt thing yet.  I'm sure next year it's on! :)

He played a few games

and not to my surprise, picked out a "basket ball goal" as his prize.

A fun day of hunting eggs, eating candy, and playing with his bestie, Reagan. 

What's your favorite part of an egg hunt?! 



Fun at the Park

Friday we went to the park to play with friends.

These two are buddies, that's for sure.

It's so funny to watch them interact.  I'd love to know what they're thinking and talking about.

Sometimes it seems like serious stuff!

Play dates at the park are the best.  I'm not sure who enjoys them more...the kids or the mamas!  (I'm voting mamas!)

Spring time, sunshine, and good friends make for happy days!

Except when someone yells, "Naptime!"

And we're sad to have to say good-bye.

But we do know we have to see our friends again VERY soon! :)



We ARE Still Here!

It has been a busy last six weeks or so! Whew!

I finished my photography class last night. I've had a fantastic time but I'm so glad it's over! Being gone 3 nights a week after working those days has taken a toll on me and our house (and Justin and D too, I think)! I'm very thankful I had the opportunity to take it but I'm very thankful it's over! :)

And now I'm a "Certified Photographer." Ha!


We've been up to the same 'ol, same 'ol around here. We've been working our fannies off trying to finish this ridiculous to-do list that I made before Jenny Kate comes. The kids' rooms (kids...sounds SO funny!) are so close to being finished we can almost taste it, we're just waiting on a couple of finishing touches and we can share pics. I can't wait to have those checked off the list!

Justin also had the urge to re-do their bathroom. I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out, and again, pics will come very soon. Hopefully Monday! I have one thing to finish for it and I think it will be the first room in the house that is completely finished! And it wasn't even on the original list....maybe that's why we can't seem to finish anything?! We jump around too much. We're both definitely instant gratification people, that's for sure! There's nothing that gives instant gratification more than a coat of paint. :)

I'm hanging in there with Jenny Kate. I'm telling you what, I'm worried this is going to be one BIG girl! I feel SO much bigger this time. My stomach feels so crammed full and hard. It's sticking straight out and I can't imagine getting any bigger...but I still have a little over six weeks left. Yikes! She still has time to gain another 3 pounds probably. Whew!

I've been on the every-other-week doctor visits for a few weeks. It's funny how it's so different this time around. Being pregnant with Derrick I couldn't go to the doctor enough. I would have gone every single day if they would have let me. I needed them to listen to his heart and for them to tell me he was fine. This time...the way this girl kicks and flips around, there's no way I worry about what she's doing in there. She's a B.U.S.Y girl! And ROUGH! Much busier (and rougher) than D was...hopefully that doesn't continue once she gets here! We'll all be in trouble! Anyway, I go back one more time in a week and a half then the weekly visits begin. They'll do another ultrasound in two and a half weeks to see how big she is.

Either this one doctor thinks I'm so enormous it's insane, or he's paranoid about this baby. He's not my regular ob, but I see all of them in the practice. I've seen him three times I think, and every single time he's wanted an ultrasound. I'm not complaining...I love having the ultrasounds! Justin and I just think he may be overly cautious and want to check her over and over because of Big Brother's history. And he always mentions the weight gain. Yeah, it's lots of fun for a MAN to tell you how to eat when you're pregnant. Cause he totally gets it. ;) I like him though, so I just choose to ignore that part of the visit. I'll regret it enough after JK gets here (the weight gain thing NOT her!), so I'll enjoy myself now. I can't bend over anymore either way! Ha!

And to help feed sweet-tooth and ever-growing belly, D has picked up a new hobby...
D and Elizabeth making chocolate cake!

So that's about it in a nutshell. Not much interesting going on around here, which is a good thing for now. We're hoping for a super productive weekend and getting lots checked off the list! And now, D and I are off to the park to enjoy this beautiful day playing with friends!!