35 Weeks and an Egg Hunt!

Thirty five weeks.  Whoa!  

Only FIVE weeks left before the little Miss gets here.  I seriously cannot believe it!  Every single thing about this pregnancy has been so different (thank you Jesus!) including how quickly it's gone by!  It sure does make a difference when you're chasing a toddler around.  :)

We went to the doctor today to check on Jenny Kate.  We're to the once a week appointments now.  They said her little heart sounds perfect and I'm 1 cm dilated.  We'll go next Wednesday for another check-up and we'll get to see her sweet face!  They're doing an ultrasound to see how big she is...I'm hoping she's not a 10 pounder!  Derrick's seven pounds was PLENTY for me! :)

I'm on spring break this week and Justin has taken the week off so we can finish up the never-ending to-do list before Jenny Kate arrives.  We were able to accomplish quite a bit last weekend because Derrick spent the night with Mamaw and Papaw last Friday night.  His first night away!  He's growing up so fast!

And speaking of growing up....

My baby boy will be TWO on Wednesday!  I cannot believe it!  It still hasn't hit me, and it probably won't until his party on Saturday.  It's so hard to believe that another year has gone by and it's time for his birthday again!  

On Sunday we went to the Easter egg hung at church. 
Derrick had fun

finding a few eggs.

But once he realized there was CANDY inside,

he was finished.

He had had enough of that searching for eggs stuff,

some candy was all he was after!  He doesn't quite "get" the egg hunt thing yet.  I'm sure next year it's on! :)

He played a few games

and not to my surprise, picked out a "basket ball goal" as his prize.

A fun day of hunting eggs, eating candy, and playing with his bestie, Reagan. 

What's your favorite part of an egg hunt?! 



  1. Yeah! It's almost time :-) My favorite part of an Easter Egg hunt? The candy :-) Unless there is money in the eggs - than it is money LOL

  2. How did you get to 35wks already???? Oh my!

    I love D's Easter Basket!!!

  3. What a unique Easter Basket. I can't believe 35 weeks have already flown by. Glad to know everything has gone well and I hope it continues to. Can't wait to see pictures of some of the things you and Justin have been up to getting ready for Jenny Kate. Happy early birthday to Derrick!

  4. OMG! I cannot believe you're 35 weeks already! That DID go fast! It gives me hope for when we decide it's time for number 2- I felt like Aly's pregnancy lasted FOREVER (and she was three weeks early ;) ). I cannot even believe how big Derrick is getting. Time needs to stop moving so quickly!! Glad you're feeling good! Can't WAIT until Jenny Kate makes her debut! :) :)

  5. 35 weeks already? Wow, I feel like I just read your blog announcing the news! Time is flying by! I love his little egg basket, so cute and so boyish! :)

  6. I LOVE D's little basket! SO FUN! And next year I'm sure he'll get the more eggs he gets, the more candy he gets :-)

    Time will fly even faster now so remember to take some time and really enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy. Can't wait to see pics of your precious little girl!


  7. 35 weeks?? Wow that went fast! Glad things are going well for you and Jenny Kate!

    Love D's basket and the pics were pretty darn cute. Don't worry, next year he will totally pick up on the fact that more eggs = more candy! Get prepared for one major sugar high! LOL!!

  8. I love D's truck basket and I am so jealous that you all can wear shorts already. It just snowed in Michigan yesterday! Depressing! 5 more weeks until Jenny! yay! I cannot wait to see how beautiful she is!

  9. Yay for 5 more weeks left! And I can't believe Derrick will be 2! He looks so grown up in those pictures =) Blessings for a smooth final weeks of pregnancy - can't wait to meet sweet Jenny Kate!