Derrick....on Praying

On the way home from bible study this morning I heard Derrick talking but couldn't catch exactly what he was saying. I thought I heard him say, "Amen," but I wasn't 100% sure because he insists on having the radio blasting.

We pulled into the driveway and turned off the car and I heard him say, "Safely."

I asked him again what he said and he looked at me and put his little hands together then said, "Dear Jesus, thank you and bring daddy home safely. Amen! Mommy, you pray." 

Wow. Just when I think he's not getting anything out of what we're saying, when he seems to be too busy to hear anything and doesn't seem to care even if he does, He proves me so wrong. Thank you Jesus for this sweet boy who has taught me more about You than I ever dreamed possible!



  1. STOP IT with how absolutely adorable that story is. Derrick you might be the sweetest little boy I've ever "met" virtually. What a great story :)

  2. What an amazing little boy you have!!! So sweet!

  3. God Bless such a sweet sweet boy! He is toooo cute!

  4. So humbling, isn't it? It always reminds me of how much my boys are watching - and listening - to every move and every word!

  5. What a sweet story ... there isn't much sweeter in life than when we see our children loving Jesus without our prompting! I hope you are feeling good on this final countdown to BABY!

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