We ARE Still Here!

It has been a busy last six weeks or so! Whew!

I finished my photography class last night. I've had a fantastic time but I'm so glad it's over! Being gone 3 nights a week after working those days has taken a toll on me and our house (and Justin and D too, I think)! I'm very thankful I had the opportunity to take it but I'm very thankful it's over! :)

And now I'm a "Certified Photographer." Ha!


We've been up to the same 'ol, same 'ol around here. We've been working our fannies off trying to finish this ridiculous to-do list that I made before Jenny Kate comes. The kids' rooms (kids...sounds SO funny!) are so close to being finished we can almost taste it, we're just waiting on a couple of finishing touches and we can share pics. I can't wait to have those checked off the list!

Justin also had the urge to re-do their bathroom. I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out, and again, pics will come very soon. Hopefully Monday! I have one thing to finish for it and I think it will be the first room in the house that is completely finished! And it wasn't even on the original list....maybe that's why we can't seem to finish anything?! We jump around too much. We're both definitely instant gratification people, that's for sure! There's nothing that gives instant gratification more than a coat of paint. :)

I'm hanging in there with Jenny Kate. I'm telling you what, I'm worried this is going to be one BIG girl! I feel SO much bigger this time. My stomach feels so crammed full and hard. It's sticking straight out and I can't imagine getting any bigger...but I still have a little over six weeks left. Yikes! She still has time to gain another 3 pounds probably. Whew!

I've been on the every-other-week doctor visits for a few weeks. It's funny how it's so different this time around. Being pregnant with Derrick I couldn't go to the doctor enough. I would have gone every single day if they would have let me. I needed them to listen to his heart and for them to tell me he was fine. This time...the way this girl kicks and flips around, there's no way I worry about what she's doing in there. She's a B.U.S.Y girl! And ROUGH! Much busier (and rougher) than D was...hopefully that doesn't continue once she gets here! We'll all be in trouble! Anyway, I go back one more time in a week and a half then the weekly visits begin. They'll do another ultrasound in two and a half weeks to see how big she is.

Either this one doctor thinks I'm so enormous it's insane, or he's paranoid about this baby. He's not my regular ob, but I see all of them in the practice. I've seen him three times I think, and every single time he's wanted an ultrasound. I'm not complaining...I love having the ultrasounds! Justin and I just think he may be overly cautious and want to check her over and over because of Big Brother's history. And he always mentions the weight gain. Yeah, it's lots of fun for a MAN to tell you how to eat when you're pregnant. Cause he totally gets it. ;) I like him though, so I just choose to ignore that part of the visit. I'll regret it enough after JK gets here (the weight gain thing NOT her!), so I'll enjoy myself now. I can't bend over anymore either way! Ha!

And to help feed sweet-tooth and ever-growing belly, D has picked up a new hobby...
D and Elizabeth making chocolate cake!

So that's about it in a nutshell. Not much interesting going on around here, which is a good thing for now. We're hoping for a super productive weekend and getting lots checked off the list! And now, D and I are off to the park to enjoy this beautiful day playing with friends!!



  1. Can't wait to see the pics of all the rooms you've been working on. I am sure they all turned out great!

    Praying for you and Jenny Kate for the remaining six weeks of your pregnancy....hope they go by fast!

    Always praying for D! Such a cutie!!

  2. Sounds like Justin has that 'nesting' feeling too! Enjoy your last few weeks and take it easy :)

  3. Can't wait to see pictures :-) We struggle to finish projects too . . those last few things are never as exciting!